May 25, 2022

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American Gods “Muninn”

Season Two, Episode Three.

For those not in the know, “Muninn” is the name of one of two ravens that fly around on Odin’s behalf, representing “thought” and “memory”.  Is Muninn thought or memory?  I don’t know.

But there is a raven keeping an eye on Shadow for Wednesday in this episode.

But really, I watched this episode and saw a whole lot of nothin’ much.

After a bit where Wednesday’s sacrificed car seems to repair itself after derailing that train, Wednesday decides to scoop up the re-broken Laura but to leave Shadow behind because, well, he might become more of what Wednesday needs if he has to hitchhike to Cairo or something.  Mad Sweeney goes along, Mr. Ibis (always nice to see him) stiches Laura back up, and she has the option to get her life back or recharge her lucky coin by either going with Wednesday to see Icarus, the newly rechristened God of Surveliance, or she can go with Mad Sweeney to New Orleans to see the baron Sweeney swears can fix Laura more permanently.

Laura opts to go with Wednesday for what felt like the best plotline since the two characters actually bounce off each other well.  That’s the right kind of awkward.  Wednesday basically points out Laura is only out for one thing from Shadow (renewed life) and not out of any sort of love or devotion.  And…that seems very accurate.  Plus, Wednesday knows a lot of stuff.  See that raven thing above.  I liked those scenes, even as they led to the general weirdness of Icarus’ hideout.  Ultimately, Laura kills Icarus and her heart beats again just like when she kissed Shadow.  Wednesday then abandons her to go back to the Cairo funeral home.  And she doesn’t look too happy about that.

But it still didn’t feel like much.

Shadow getting a ride to Cairo from one Sam Black Crow?  Didn’t feel like much.

Mad Sweeney trying to get down to New Orleans?  His bad luck hits again.   He tried to steal a car.  It had an angry dog inside of it.  He tried to steal a boat. The motor fell into the river and the cord dragged him with it.  Finally the bus almost ran him over, but the bus offers him a ride.  The evangelical Christian rock band riding in it asking if he’d been saved.  It was funny, but it didn’t feel like much.

The birth of New Media as an obnoxious hashtag-spewing, shallow girl?  Technical Boy didn’t think it’s an upgrade.  I find myself oddly agreeing with him, and it didn’t feel like much.

Even Salim and the Jinn getting Wednesday’s spear from some trickster type named Iktome, someone the Jinn told Salim to avoid eye contact with, worked out more or less but didn’t feel like much.  Was there irony that the gay Salim had to go into a strip club to get the spear?  I don’t know.  It didn’t feel like much.

There’s only eight episodes in the season.  None of these episodes should feel like nothing is happening.  Then again, season one barely moved too.  That happens when there’s only one 300 or so page novel for source material.

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