April 19, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Paw Partrol”

Season One, Episode Five.

So, there’s only one way to stop a doomsday cult.

Start another one!

Yes, the Decreator is, um, de-creating in a very slow, deliberate manner that sure reminds me of a movie I saw last year with a big purple guy.  Yeah, that Cockroach Preacher is pleased, but he’s the only one.  OK, maybe his rat discipline, but he doesn’t talk so I don’t know.

I know the Doom Patrol isn’t.  Cliff and Jane are still missing in Nurnheim (revealed to be a snow globe in the Chief’s home office), but Rita can’t comfort poor Elliot when the Decreator de-creates him, Larry can’t get through to the Negative Spirit, Cyborg is mad Willoughby Kipling knocked him out, and Willoughby finds his personal flask is de-created before he can get a drink.  Is there no one to save the day?

Actually, yes.  The Chief and Mr. Nobody can.  Mr. Nobody can’t get revenge if everyone ceases to exist, and the Chief can come up with the “competing cult” idea.  As such, they need someone to start a cult.  Who might that be?


Specifically, Jane from roughly 40 years ago (amazing how none of the Doom Patrol seems to age), when during a particularly traumatic therapy session (read: a lobotomy), Jane has a personality called Dr. Henderson show up.  She has some sort of mind control powers, and since Nobody can narrate any scene, he basically instructs her to start a new cult in the mental hospital, made up mostly of patients, to start the rival book of the Re-Creator.

What’s the Chief’s role?  He needs to get the remaining members of the Patrol not currently being very confused inside a snow globe to find the new book written on…well, not a kid.

See, when mental patients come up with a cult, they tend to be more creative.  As such, the book isn’t written on a kid.  It’s on a dog.  And the writing is invisible.  Until someone rings a special bell.

And while the cult waits for the bell to ring…they get to dance.

Damn, I love this show.

So, will the Doom Patrol save the day?  Well, there are more episodes after this, so Jane and Cliff ring the bell when a woman with an oxygen tank wheels her way into Nurnheim to remind Jane about the bell.  It’s rung, Kipling reads the writing on the dog, the Recreator eye appears in the sky, brings back all the stuff that got destroyed, and then gets into a staring contest with the Decreator to last until the end of time, I suppose.

So, the Chief is back, right?  Nah.  Nobody takes him again, with Vic losing his arm canon in the process.  Will someone call his dad?  Cliff will, against Vic’s wishes.

But we do see how the Chief saved Jane from her particularly sadistic hospital back in the 70s, so there’s that.