July 21, 2024

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The Gabbing Geek Action Movie Hero Tournament: Round Two

The Geeks pick the best action movie hero, ROUND TWO.

The Geeks cast their votes in the second round of the Action Movie Tournament to pick the best action protagonist.  Round One wasn’t very contentious. but what about Round Two?

See Round One’s write-up for my original set-up, and then see below for the votes this round.  Or just go down and see what the Geeks had to say.

We’re down to eight heroes.  How did this batch go?

The Classics

James Bond


Indiana Jones

The Result

James Bond and Indiana Jones are throwbacks in many ways, so why not see how they match up?  Well, Indy got more love than Bond’s previous opponent, but Bond prevailed in the end.

Fast Cars

Mad Max



The Result

Two guys who are know for, among other things, their badass rides.  But there was no contest here.  Batman got it by a unanimous vote.

Big Guns

John Rambo


John Wick

The Result

Two guys known for their proficiency with firearms…and once again, we get a unanimous vote.  The Geeks love themselves some John Wick.

Just Won’t Die

John McClane


Ellen Ripley

The Result

Well, this one was a tight vote.  It was actually a tie.  As such, I voted, and I picked Ripley.  Why?  Well, I do love the Die Hard movies, but McClane, as much fun as he can be, is just a one-note cartoon character these days.  Ripley has a pathos in her later appearances.  They’r trying to advance her character even in the weaker Alien entries she appears in, but they are trying new things with her in every movie.  John McClane is always basically the same guy.

How They Voted

AKA Tom makes another table.

[table id=3 /]

Will there be more contention in Round Three?  Find out soon!