July 22, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Tears of the Balmera”

Season One, Episode Five.

OK, that answers a few questions.  Well, maybe only one question, but it was a big one.

That question would be why Pidge felt she had to disguise herself as a girl.  It didn’t look like the space ranger academy or whatever it was had gender requirements.  Pidge could have signed up as Katie and called it a day.  But, since her dad and brother disappeared, Pidge/Katie made herself a real pain in the ass to various military-type authority figures, so they probably would have kicked her out when they saw it was her.  As such, she cut her hair and changed her name.  Then she got assigned to a team with Lance and Hunk and we’re back to the pilot.

As it is, Pidge is actually pretty good at staying ahead of Sendak’s forces with and without Allura’s help over the comm.  Sure, she has to lose Rover at one point, but she only did it to take out a guy who clearly was not a robot.

She even does better against Sendak than Shiro did.

Granted, by then Pidge and the mice had sabotaged enough to get the forcefield down so Keith and Allura could assist, and even Lance regained consciousness long enough to shoot the big goober a couple times.  And for all that fancy arm of his can do a nice “punch across the room” move, it turns out that it also makes it a little easy to sever and leave Sendak captured and one-armed.

Oh, and after all that, Hunk befriends a native on that living crystal mine and promises to come back for her and her people as soon as they can despite her brother being a dink and betraying Hunk and Coran.  Yes, Hunk and Coran get away.  I’m sure they’ll be back with Voltron.  Then those miners will pay.  Don’t think they won’t pay.

And in unsurprising move #6, Pidge decides to stay after all because nothing changes a person’s mind about staying with people like a near death experience in some sort of outer space castle version of Die Hard, and without even getting the benefit of celebrating Christmas…