February 29, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “Extra Ordinary”

Season One, Episode Three.

Alright!  Team action!

Yes, most of the Umbrella kids get into a big fight in this episode, and…um, I’m not sure how well it went.

First off, the whole thing comes about because Allison saw Robo-Mom maybe poisoning their father, and even if Grace did, she didn’t do much to stop Sir Reggie from dying.  That’s cause enough for Luther and Allison to call a family meeting to discuss what to do about Grace.  That includes Vanya, who seems to be getting closer to her adult male student as she struggles both in her profession and her family.  She doesn’t seem to fit into either.

It also includes Number Five, currently on stakeout at the prosthetic eye factory.  How did Luther find him?  Klaus was in the back of the van being Klaus.

As it is, Five doesn’t go and Vanya is late.  The others squabble over whether or not to turn off Grace, with one highlight being Klaus insisting Ben would agree with Klaus were Ben still alive only for Ben’s ghost to say he does not.

And then Hazel and Cha-Cha show up looking to take down Five.  Klaus is soaking in the bathtub, seeing ghosts, and blasting a walkman so he can’t hear anything going on around him.  That includes the two gun-toting assassins who quickly begin to wonder what kind of people live in this house.  They attack Diego first, and since he’s every street vigilante type rolled into one, he of course holds his own until Allison and Luther join in.  Allison and Diego tag team on Cha-Cha while Luther uses his superstrength to toss Hazel around.  And Klaus misses the whole thing.

Vanya doesn’t, but she does have to hide a bit when things go wrong right in front of her.

The end result?  A chandelier is dropped on Luther, ripping his coat and shirt off to show a massive, ape-like torso.  Hazel and Cha-Cha get away.  Five never shows up.  Luther yells at Vanya for getting in the way, sending her running out to go see that student again.  Diego realizes that Grace never came by to help out despite the fact she’s programmed to defend the house, and she’s also sewing some needlepoint…to her arm.  He shuts her off.  Cha-Cha at least has some kind of interest in the donut-selling diner woman, but he and Hazel have something else that can maybe lead them to Five.

They have Klaus tied up and gagged in the trunk of the pair’s car.