February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Sea Devils Part 3”

The Third Doctor. "The Sea Devils," Episode Three.

Well, gee, this episode opens with a complete recap of the entire fight scene that ended the previous episode.  That’s a good way to pad out a run time…

But wait, the previous episode ended with the Master throwing a knife at the Doctor!  Don’t worry:  he missed.  But then the warden, Colonel Trendcard, shows up and decides the Doctor is causing trouble and has him locked up.  That makes sense…you know, if the warden and the Master are working together.

Then Jo does something unexpected for how this show typically works:  she behaves in a competent manner by escaping the prison guards and managing to not get captured for the entire episode despite the guards’ best efforts.

But the Master is a villain which means he will explain what he’s doing to the Doctor once the Doctor is handcuffed to a chair…and let me just say, there’s a lot of underlying wry humor to this story that I somewhat appreciate.

What is the Master’s plan?  He wants to contact the aquatic Silurians and get them to attack the surface and wipe out the Doctor’s beloved human race.

And why is Trendcard helping out?  The Master lied to him, explaining the device will be used to summon the seaborne saboteurs, letting Trendcard expose them and become a national hero.

That is why evil can so often triumph over good.  Because good is dumb.

Thanks, Dark Helmet.

Meanwhile, back at the naval base, a sub gets sent out to look into the ship’s disappearance, and the base commander’s woman assistant points out the Doctor and Jo never came back.  The sub commander, working out of the world’s roomiest submarine, sure does look familiar…wait…it’s Maester Luwin from Game of Thrones!?!  Huh.

Anyway, the base commander decides to call UNIT.

But back at the prison…Jo actually sneaks around successfully in that white pantsuit that is the height of 70s fashion, finds the Doctor, and frees him.  The two makes their escape, but the Master decides now is a good time to use his machine to summon the Sea Devils.  And as the Doctor and Jo run away, rappelling down a cliff to the beach, they soon find themselves surrounded by the Master, some prison guards, a minefield, and one Sea Devil coming out of the water.

Sucks to be them.