September 23, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Fall Of The Castle Of The Lions”

Season One, Episode Four.

So, I hit a milestone here…this is the first episode of the series that Jimmy and Ryan didn’t get around to covering way back when.  I hit a milestone!

I am not that impressed with myself.

But then again, I am not as easily impressed as, say, the Arusians who are putting on a big celebration for Voltron’s victory over that Robeasty from the last episode.  And yes, Zarkon has some agents on the planet seeing the Arusians as a perfect way to exploit out heroes’ better natures to get the Voltron lions.  BUT…Sendak doesn’t go for the predictable tactic of holding the Arusian village hostage unless the Paladins give up their lion keys.

Not right away.  Sort of.

Instead, Sendak just has his tech guy build a copy of Pidge’s Rover drone to detonate a special power crystal in the middle of the castle when the whole thing is open to the public.

Then again, maybe Zarkon doesn’t have to do much anyway.  Pidge wants to quit because she’d rather be looking for her missing family, and not just because Allura’s mice told the princess Pidge is a girl and Allura sucks at hinting at things.  Mice are terrible gossips, and alien princesses suck at subtly.  That actually leads to more than one of the Paladins expressing a preference for being anywhere but there, but Pidge for certain wants to leave and let someone else fly the Green Lion.

And that’s when things go bad.

First, Fake Rover blows up the crystal.  Lance sees there’s something wrong and manages to push Coran out of the way before it goes ka-blooey, but that just means Lance is injured badly.  Coran is OK, but the castle needs a power crystal first, so Coran and Hunk fly off to find one.  And it turns out the crystals don’t come from a planet.  No, that would be less creepy.  They come from a giant dead thing in space.  And said giant dead thing in space is currently under the control of Zarkon’s people.  Point is, Coran and Hunk make a crash landing, and it looks like they aren’t alone down there.

And then, back at the castle, Sendak does the thing we might have guessed he was going to do by attacking the Arusians, but instead he just gets Allura and Keith to leave the castle while Sendak goes in to take the place over with the Lions inside.  Since the castle can fly through space despite not looking very aerodynamic, it would be easy to take the Lions back to Zarkon that way.

But wait!  There’s still Shiro and his Amazing Cyborg Hand!

Except Sendak has a newer model that lets the user punch someone from across the room with a giant fist.  Point is, Lance and Shiro are still in the castle, but both aren’t in much position to help.

But Pidge is.

And Pidge sabotages the engines, especially since she can’t read the instruction manual.

That works, though it does mean Sendak now has someone he can go after that isn’t in the infirmary.  Pidge should have considered quitting earlier if she was going to quit at all.

No, I don’t think she’s really leaving.