August 16, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Curse Of Peladon Part 4”

The Third Doctor. "The Curse of Peladon," Final Episode.

Well, somebody got shot.

The head in the tank guy got shot.  But he was trying to shoot the Doctor, so it was OK.  One of the Ice Warriors saved him.

You know, it sure is nice that the series is self-aware enough to show what could happen when an enemy race becomes an ally.  That actually continues as the remaining delegates of the Galactic Federation figure out what happened.  It would seem Head Guy and Hepesh made a deal.  Head Guy would get mineral deposit rights that would normally either stay with the planet Peladon or go to everybody.  Hepesh learned everything he feared about the Federation was “true,” in that Head Guy worked off superstitious bias and got what he wanted.  What a dick, the both of them.  And the Aggedor was just some wild animal Hepesh found and tamed in the mountains.

So, what will happen now?  Well, King Peladon will need to find a more trustworthy replacement for the High Priest, and it looks like he’ll join his world to the Galactic Federation if the Federation will help him root out the problems the likes of Hepesh started.  That takes some convincing for the giant penis, but Jo and the Ice Warriors (who would have been framed for the Doctor’s death in the event of that) convince the giant green male genitalia to side with them.

Heck, the King’s Champion, the big muscular mute, decides to help the Doctor since the Doctor spared his life.  That’s a good thing, too, as Hepesh is rallying an army in the tunnels, and even if he’s a big guy, he’s still only one guy, so the Champion just gets knocked out.  And then Hepesh does the sensible thing and captures Peladon, telling him to be a traditionalist or die.

That’s, uh, kind of a weird demand.  You gonna hold the king hostage for the rest of his life?

But, see, the Doctor made a new friend, namely the Aggedor, and showing everyone it isn’t some kind of supernatural monster but just a big, furry animal more or less makes everyone take a step back.  And it seems Hepesh, who knew about the thing, tried to get it back under control, but it seems a Venusian lullaby beats a torch any day of the week, and the Aggedor instead kills Hepesh, and without Hepesh, no more rebellion.  Peladon, both king and planet, will join the Galactic Federation.  And since he’s getting a nice coronation soon, despite his proposal to Jo being turned down, well, she and the Doctor can see the ceremony.  They even got the TARDIS back and figured the Time Lords sent them there without telling them.

Ah, but then the real Earth delegate showed up, so Jo and the Doctor decide to leave early.  All those Galactic Federation representatives got to watch the TARDIS just vanish into time and space, going back to where the two came from…

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