February 26, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “Run Boy Run”

Season One, Episode Two.

Whatever Number Five knows, it’s going to be bad, and the various siblings of the Umbrella Academy, including potentially dead brother Ben, will probably need to work together to save the day.

And then Hazel and Cha-Cha showed up to makes things more complicated.

Who are Hazel and Cha-Cha?  Killers from the future sent to look for Number Five.  Five decided in the pilot the only sibling he trusted with his reason for coming back was Vanya, and she doesn’t believe him.  Sure, the world might end in eight days as he says, but she has violin lessons to give, and Five hasn’t been seen by the family since he had an argument with their eccentric (nicest word I could come up with right now) father over time travel.

You know, the comic version of Number Five eventually explains he doesn’t teleport so much as time travel in one direction only (the future), so that somewhat checks out.  He got mad at his dad, teleported himself into the future and then…got stuck there.

Well, he wasn’t completely lonely.  He had a manikin for a girlfriend.  Visiting her is where the psycho killers from beyond time find him and start shooting.  As it is, Number Five is determined to save the world, and the only sibling he trusts to help him at all is Klaus, and even then, it’s mostly through (unpaid) bribery.  Klaus had pawned some of his dad’s stuff for drug money, disposing of something very important and valuable along the way, and Klaus will do anything for 20 bucks.  That includes posing as his brother’s father to get some information on a prosthetic eye Number Five wants some information on.  And Klaus has to beat himself up–literally–to get that information.  It makes sense in context.  All Number Five learns is the eye hasn’t been made yet.

However, there are other investigations going on.  Diego decided to look into the donut shop massacre (Number Five did it) and the cops don’t appreciate that, and Luther found Diego had an air-tight alibi for the night their father was killed.  About the only person not looking into the weirdness at all is Allison.  She contents herself by looking over the closest Sir Reggie had to home movies in the form of surveillance video.  And she found something she needs to show Luther if he can stop talking enough about his own issues to listen.

Now, there’s a good chance whatever is happening will require all the siblings to somehow work together, but Number Five does have another, unstated reason not to tell anyone but Vanya about the coming apocalypse.

That would be because he found the others’ dead bodies in that devastated future he visited.

Gee, no wonder he’s all messed up.