May 31, 2023

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Doctor Who “Day Of The Daleks Part 1”

The Third Doctor. "Day of the Daleks," Episode One.

Well, every Doctor as to face the Daleks sooner or later.  Those rotten space Nazis…

Yes, there may be some Daleks in this episode, and those guys are never up to any good, so let’s see how they got involved.

Our story begins with an English lord, one Sir Reginald Styles, attacked in his own home by some guerrilla guy in camouflage.  Said attacker abruptly vanishes.  This is a problem because Sir Reggie here is supposed to negotiating a truce before a devestating war breaks out between China and Russia, and everyone is on edge.

Everyone except the Doctor who is still trying to fix the TARDIS with Jo, and not even the sight of themselves coming in the door throws the Doctor off that much.  But then the extra pair disappears, the Brigadier walks in, and though the Doctor has no interest initially in whatever he’s being asked about, disappearing assassins does tend to provoke his interest.

Meanwhile, that assassin is himself ambushed and left for dead by some refugees from the Planet of the Apes from the looks of them.

Now Sir Reggie, he isn’t all that helpful, saying nothing happened even as the Doctor points out muddy footprints on the floor.  Oh, and a ray gun and a crude time machine.  The ray gun is a sonic disintegrator or something.  The time machine shorts out, but that leads to problems…from the future!

Yes, while the Doctor and Jo opt to stay the night in Sir Reggie’s house, with Yates and Benton among the soldiers guarding it from the outside, the Doctor fully expects whoever attacked the posh homeowner the night before will come back.  Well, not quite the same guy.  They found him in the bushes unconscious, but he disappeared when the Doctor played with that time machine.  No, a different guy shows up, and since the Doctor had switched the time machine on again, this guy insisted the Doctor shut it off before someone found their time coordinates.

In the future, some rather fascist-looking guys found his time coordinates.  The Controller guy then decides to tell his superiors.

Yes, his superiors are Daleks.

Yes, they want whoever is on the other side of that signal found and exterminated.

Daleks really have a one-track mind.

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