March 26, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Daemons Part 4”

The Third Doctor. "The Daemons," Episode Four.

Well, that was one of the least likely assassination squads I’ve ever seen…

But first, we have the Master’s plan.  He wants Azul, who says he is the last of the Daemons, a thirty or so foot tall guy with horns, to give his power to the Master so the Master can rule the Earth.

Azul isn’t convinced yet.  He needs proof the Master can handle it.  He’ll come back one more time.  If the Master can show he has the necessary whatever, the Master can have the Earth.  If he can’t, Azul will destroy the planet.  The experiment he and his kind set up may not be working out after all.

This is the Master.  Of course he thinks he can handle it if he makes some adjustments, like bringing his brainwashed followers with him for that third summons to add their will to the summons, and either bring the Doctor along or kill his adversary because Azul seemed to realize the Master wasn’t human and there was another of his kind nearby.

Yes, that would be the Doctor.  He’s trying to explain really advanced science to the Brigadier’s tech guy so they can use high voltage to somehow short out the heat barrier.  The Brigadier mostly takes this in stride, seeing as how only the Doctor understands science that advanced, but the Brigadier does say he sometimes wished he worked in a bank.

Of course, the Doctor does have allies still in town.  Jo tries to sneak down to the church and stop the Master on her own.  Yates follows and stops her, but Jo seems a bit more sensitive to Azul’s comings and goings, so you know she may try again.

And then comes the unlikeliest of assassination hit squads.  Miss Hawthorn spots them from the Inn and seems initially undisturbed.  Sergeant Benton is another story.  What are they?

Morris Dancers.

True, a number of the villagers seem to be hiding from them, but as the Doctor walks into town, he’s grabbed, held at gunpoint, and tied to the maypole.  So, he’s in trouble.

Fortunately, Miss Hawthorn thinks fast and gets out there, claiming the Doctor is a wizard.  To prove it, she suggests he use his power on some random targets.  And those things break, largely because Benton shoots them out from the Inn.  And the Doctor did put Bessie on voice control, so calling his car over finishes the job, and he’s let free.

But that darn Master is trying to summon Azul a third time.  Jo does get in to try and stop him, but it’s too late.  There’s a giant horned man in the room.

It’s a good thing these old churches have high ceilings.

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