May 17, 2022

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Comic Review: Infinity Warps Two-In-One

Let's have a quick aside from some mash-up heroes and villains.

So, one of the things I didn’t care for in last year’s Infinity Wars was how little time the series spent with the two-in-one heroes.

Marvel must have known that would be a highlight because a bunch of those characters got some two-parter specials collected in one volume titled Infinity Warps: Two-in-One.

Coming from a wide variety of creators, the volume is made up of multiple pairs of issues telling a range of stories with a variety of characters.  These include:

  • Soldier Supreme, the combination of Captain America and Dr. Strange
  • Iron Hammer, the combination of Iron Man and Thor
  • Arachknight, the combination of Spider-Man and Moon Knight
  • Weapon Hex, the combination of Scarlet Witch and X-23
  • Ghost Panther, the combination of Black Panther and Ghost Rider
  • Infinity Warps, a two-issue anthology series featuring short stories of different match-up characters.

So, when I heard the premise for these characters, it naturally reminded me of when Marvel and DC mixed and matched their characters in the Amalgam Comics line.  A number of those one-shots were a lot of fun, full of references to non-existent comics and the better ones didn’t quite take themselves all that seriously.  And…most of these issues play the concepts fairly straight.  Iron Hammer comes a bit close, but somehow the name “Howard Odin” is a bit too ridiculous and mixing Iron Man and Thor doesn’t quite work.  The Infinity Warps anthology fared a little better with some really bizarre one shots, even one or two of them didn’t quite follow the rules (the Punisher could not have merged with all four members of the Power Pack), but the end result is a number of so-so stories with characters that should have been treated a bit less seriously than they were.  7.5 out of 10 moments when characters realize they are two souls smashed together somewhat breaking the fourth wall a bit too much to be any real fun.

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