April 14, 2024

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ICYMI: MCU Rewatch Issue #19: Avengers: Infinity War

Hard to believe we are finally days away from Endgame.

The MCU Rewatch technically ended after leading up to Infinity War. But here are some thoughts from Tom on that blockbuster.

Here’s a message to both of our readers:  we are very glad that you theoretically read through our extended conversations on all the movies of the MCU in the run-up to Infinity War.

Oh, and here’s the other thing:  Infinity War sucked all the energy out of all other Geek Considerations, so The Westeros Watch is taking another week off.

But hey, does this mean I transcribed the Infinity War chat?  SPOILERS to follow.

Oh hell no!

Thanks a heap.

See, normally what happened was I’d watch an MCU movie on a Friday night, Jimmy would chime in when he could, Watson would (legitimately) complain that I stepped on his points, Jonathan would raise a few good paragraphs after a couple days, and Jenny would chime in with a short, often contradictory statement near the end before Jimmy would bust out the Calcutron 2024 and get us some numbers.

But then came the biggest, and perhaps bestest, movie the MCU has ever produced.  It had everything!   Explosions!  Tragedy!  James Gunn-written Guardians dialogue!  Sam Jackson almost dropping his signature swearword!

But then we had everyone commenting on everything, and replies to comments, and quite frankly, it would take way too long for me to edit that down to a legible chat thread where dozens of characters interact in unexpected ways, characters you least expected it would die, and Peter Dinklage was hanging around…wait, maybe I am doing a Westeros Watch post…

Purple Walkers?

What went down in the chat?  I made silly comments, Jenny remarked on all the stuff that made her cry, Ryan made some noise about a death pool, Watson still hates Benedict Cumberbatch’s take on Dr. Strange, and Jimmy noted the Infinity Stones had no power over Canada.  Plus Jonathan suggested Jenny approves of anyone who sees Carol Danvers as their lord and savior (lady and savior?).

And then there was Ant-Man and the Wasp speculation, Venom speculation, a complete lack of The Meg speculation, and speculation about whether or not Marvel expects us to really believe that Black Panther and Spider-Man are really dead.

Plus whatever this is.

Seriously?  Black Widow only rates a dollar?  That woman is a survivor.  I’d take her over Star-Lord.  That guy getting pissed is the reason Thanos kept that damn glove.

But for myself, the MCU Rewatch was a lot of fun.  Some movies actually came across as better than I had expected (The Incredible Hulk) while others were much, much worse (Iron Man 2).  And the great ones were still great.

I suppose I don’t really have anything else to add here.  So let’s bust out the final set of scores as calculated by Jimmy Impossible:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 10.0
Avengers: Infinty War 9.7
Thor: Ragnorak 9.6
Iron Man 9.4
Guardians Of The Galaxy 9.4
The Avengers 9.3
Black Panther 9.3
Spider-Man: Homecoming 9.0
Captain America: Civil War 8.9
Captain America: The First Avenger 8.7
Thor 8.0
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 7.8
Ant-Man 7.8
Avengers: Age of Ultron 7.6
Doctor Strange 7.4
The Incredible Hulk 6.7
Iron Man 2 6.6
Iron Man 3 6.6
Thor: The Dark World 6.6

MCU overall 8.3
Phase 1 8.1
Phase 2 8.0
Phase 3 8.8

Hey, not bad!  Not bad at all!

Tune in sometime soon as the Geeks rewatch something else.  Maybe some sort of impossible sort of missions.  Or Krull if we opt for “Rewatching Movies That Really Suck”.

No. Just no.

Anyway, we should be back to The Westeros Watch next week.  Jimmy should like some stuff in the next couple episodes, making him a happy enough Canadian to forget the “dead Spider-Man” stuff.