February 27, 2024

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Vikings “Ragnarok”

Season Five Finale.

So, what happened to That Asshole Floki after that landslide trapped him in that cave?

I don’t know.  He doesn’t appear in this episode.

Yes, instead, the episode mostly focuses on Bjorn, Hvitserk, Harald, Olaf, and whoever else they have as they attack Kattegat to get inside and take out Ivar.  It mostly doesn’t go well because Ivar has good defenses, but then an interesting thing happens when Bjorn tells the defenders that he isn’t their enemy.  Ivar is their enemy.  And as Ivar shouts for the defenders to fill Bjorn full of arrows…none of them do it.  He tries to do it himself, but Bjorn is too quick with a shield.

Oh, and I remember reading Magnus was going to be important down the road.  So, what did he do here?  He hid when the fighting got bad, prayed to Jesus, and finally got some courage to run out, but Harald grabbed him because they were all retreating and Magnus, finally feeling like a real Viking…gets an arrow to the back.  He’s dead.  What a waste of a plot line.

So, that’s that, right?  There’s no way inside, right?

Actually, there is.  Ivar’s wife never quite forgave Ivar for killing their baby, so she snuck out and told Bjorn and the others that Ivar has a hidden escape tunnel that she would be more than happy to let them through so long as they kill Ivar.

So, Bjorn, Harald, Hvitserk, and some others get inside, most of the people there prefer them to Ivar, and the biggest dramatic moment may be when Harald hesitates before rescuing Bjorn from a defender and takes a bad injury himself.  Ivar finds out who betrayed him, kills his wife, and sneaks away.

And then Ubbe, Torvi, and Lagertha come in because they were apparently nearby, everyone named Bjorn king, and he flashes back to a conversation about power he had with his father in better seasons of this show.  And the Eyeless Seer Dude’s ghost says something about the fighting not being over.

It shouldn’t be.  Ivar lives.

You know, there’s apparently only going to be one more season of this, and I have no idea how long the History Channel is going to drag this show out.  It looked like they may already have some stuff filmed considering they showed what looks like scenes from future episodes at the end of this one, but for now, no more Vikings.

So, I guess I’ll start the Doom Patrol series next week.