February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “Colony In Space Part 4”

The Third Doctor. "Colony in Space," Episode Four.

You know, I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed the Doctor going off into space and meeting weird aliens.

And then a completely expected villain shows up.

OK, to be fair, the Time Lords mentioned the Master was involved way back at the start of episode one before they sent the Doctor off without any instructions whatsoever.

But that may be getting ahead of myself by about one or two paragraphs, so let’s see…yes, the Doctor is concerned when Jo isn’t found by the colonists, but it sounds like the natives took her, so he offers to go get her back by doing the method Ashe says usually works by offering to exchange Jo for food.  All that gets is the Doctor likewise detained, and it turns out the green aliens in the loincloths aren’t the only natives.  There’s also a pale one with what looks like a giant brain.  None of them talk, so I couldn’t say what they want.  Jo is glad to see the Doctor, and the pair do discover what looks like a mural showing there used to be a much mightier and more technologically advanced civilization there, but it looks like they do some kind of human sacrifice without the humans because they’re, you know, aliens.

And back at the mining ship, the colonists discover the giant lizard was, as the Doctor predicted, a hologram.  And then one of Dent’s goons gets a gun and takes Winton hostage, meaning all the evidence they found of mining corporation wrongdoing may not matter as the Adjudicator has arrived.

And who is this mystery judge?  Obviously, it’s the Master.

That was about two paragraphs.

Anyway, the Doctor and Jo go to meet a very small alien with a big brain that can talk, and after getting a little upset over people breaking into their city all the time, the natives let the Doctor and Jo go.  They get back in time to see the Master rule on the side of the miners, telling the colonists they have to leave the planet immediately.  Sure, they could appeal, but the Master tells Ashe it would go much more smoothly for the colonists if they could get him some old artifacts that may be just lying around the planet…

Oh, and Caldwell learns that Dent has been killing people for the mining company for quite some time.

But that doesn’t mean a firefight won’t break out between colonists and miners with the treacherous Norton being the first to die because Winton remembered when the Doctor said Norton may not be all that trustworthy. But with all the shooting going on, the Master does reason he could shoot Jo or the Doctor without drawing too much attention to himself…