April 19, 2024

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True Detective “Hunters in the Dark”

Season Three, Episode Six.

In 1980, Wayne and Amelia are basking in the afterglow of a first night of fun, and Wayne mentions how he never looks to the past and lives for the present.  Amelia thinks that sounds like some kind of superpower.

Considering the state of Wayne’s mind in 2015, it isn’t much of a superpower.

Yeah, things are bad in 2015.  Wayne and Roland are going over the case again, Wayne gets up to use the bathroom, and Roland in turn notices Wayne has a gun and a heavily annotated copy of Amelia’s book.  That’s concerning.  It is even more so when Wayne returns and finds Roland…and reacts like he had no idea Roland was there until that moment.  And then he asks his former partner to check out the window for a mystery car that may or may not be parked out there.

It is not.

As it is, there’s a lot of weird stuff going on in the past, and 2015 Wayne may be forgetful, but he does put together enough clues to realize his son Henry may be applying to be a detective in New York City.

But you know what doesn’t change between 1980 and 1990?  Roland and Wayne’s superiors keep interfering with the investigation.  And in 1990, that means forcing Roland and Wayne, particularly Roland, to grill Tom Purcell since there was a phone call from an unknown girl saying he might be guilty.  And Tom, recovering alcoholic…doesn’t take it well.  He takes it less well when he overhears some other cops saying Wayne and Roland went to interrogate his dead ex-wife’s cousin, a man who said he had some information.

Tom finds out what it was, but mostly by having a gun, a lot of grief, and nothing to lose from an in-law he never liked anyway.

Of course, finding out there are clues just gets Wayne more fired up to look for more, even while Roland tells him to go home for the night.  That doesn’t work.

And if you thought Amelia was done, well, she’s started a second book, and she might be better at finding clues than her husband or Roland.

But wait, you say or don’t, Tom got the info from his dead wife’s cousin.  What was it?  Well, Lucy Purcell disappeared a few years prior to 1990 and was found dead of an overdose years later.  Who was keeping her in money and why?  The cousin offers a name:  Hoyt.  Hoyt being the rich family that owns large businesses in and around town, who may have hired the ex-cop that found the false evidence that convicted Brett Woodard postmortem of the kidnapping and murder of the Purcell kids.  And a drunk, armed Tom does get inside the big house…and finds a rather creepy and rather pink set of rooms in the basement.  Something down there got his attention.

Too bad he didn’t see the man coming in behind him.