May 18, 2022

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Vikings “What Happens In The Cave”

Season Five, Episode Nineteen.

OK, so, what did happen in the cave?

The cave, of course, is where That Asshole Floki went to go commune with the gods that he was sure were on his special island somewhere.  He figured he was walking into Hel, he heard what he thought were dwarfs making weapons on anvils, and then he got down to the bottom of the cave on his very special island that he feels is devoted to the gods deep in his heart of hearts and finds…a long forgotten Christian cross.

You know, even he found it kind of funny at first.  Then he started crying.  Then he got mad.  And then a volcano erupted and buried him alive in the cave.

There may be a cup in there too, so that means maybe he also found the Holy Grail.

But that’s what happened in the cave.

As for the rest of the episode…

Yes, Ubbe won the fight to the death and the Danes settle peacefully (for now) in the land Alfred gave them.  Heck, the whole thing seemed to be working well as all sides made peace (for now).

Judith died.

Lagertha seems at peace and moved into Ubbe’s land.

Bjorn and Harald fought.

Magnus learned he may not be much of a viking.

Hvitserk and Bjorn reunite and both realize they want the same thing, namely to remove Ivar from power.  Heck, Hvitserk finally thinks he found a purpose and it’s to kill Ivar.

And as for Ivar, well, his baby boy was eaten by foxes, he’s starting to think his wife lied to him about who the father really was, and he ultimately decided that instead of raiding Wessex, he’ll shore up the defense of Kattegat because even he figured out Hvitserk was gone too long to be shoring up an alliance.

So, methinks there’s a big fight for the season finale.

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