May 27, 2024

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Gabbing Game of Thrones: Ranking the Season Cliffhangers (Spoilers)

We are days away from the final season of Game of Thrones; one of the greatest shows of all-time!  In preparation for the season premiere on April 14th, we are looking back at the first seven seasons and making lists about…everything!

Today, we are looking at how well each season ended…

Here we go!

Ranking the Season Cliffhangers

7th Best Season Ending:  Season Three

What happened:  Daenerys frees Yunkai and is declared Mhysa.

Hot Take:  It was a nice scene where she becomes the liberator, but it wasn’t one that left you waiting for next season.  This was really the only season that was kind of enjoyed a stopping point.

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6th Best Season Ending:  Season Two

What happened:  The Whitewalkers are revealed as a much more intellectual threat that previously thought. Jon is accepted with the Free Folk.  Daenerys’ dragons can kill.

Hot Take:  Nothing really grabs me here either; other than a look at the White Walkers.  But quickly in Season Three, they kind of go away for another couple of seasons, so it wasn’t much of a cliff.  More like a long, sloping valley hanger.    

5th Best Season Ending:  Season Four

What happened:  Tyrion and Arya go East; Bran explores beyond the Wall

Hot Take: This finale did set up a lot of great scenes, but it was the ultimate transition point in the series.  The season was amazing, and covered a LOT of great plotpoints, so this was a refresh and reload for the show.  This finale was solid, but gets knocked down for two reasons:  (1) the previous episode was where the shock, Tyrion killing Tywin, occurred and (2) it set up a slow start to Season Five.  It occurs to me as I write this, that the penultimate episodes of many seasons are the biggest moments of drama.  

4th Best Season Ending:  Season 1

What happened:  Daenerys has dragons and the Night’s watch are heading north of the wall.

Hot Take:

3rd Best Season Ending:  Season Six

What happened:  Jon is revealed as Targaryen. Daenerys sets sail for Westeros. Cersei sits on the Iron Throne

Hot Take:  From the last episode of Season Six (the best season), you would think Season Seven would be great (it wasn’t).  All three of these developments are long overdue reveals.  People had been debating Jon’s parentage years before the TV series started. Cersei had been playing the Game harder than anyone.  The return of the Targaryens (the ones we knew about anyway) had been looming over the shadow of Westeros since Robert’s Rebellion.  If only Season 7 hadn’t stalled the momentum.

2nd Best Season Ending:  Season Seven

What happened: Jon and Daenerys bang.  Jamie leaves Cersei. We find out R+L was legitimate and Jon is the rightful kind. The Night King uses an ice dragon to breach The Wall.

Hot Take: Say what you will about the quality of Season 7, it left us breathless with its cliffhangers.  Aunt and Uncle monarchs unwittingly having beautiful people sex.  Jamie’s character arc continuing as snow makes it South.  Sam and Bran realize Jon is the Targaryan heir.  Then a freaking Ice Dragon tears down the Wall!  SEASON EIGHT, PLEASE HURRY!

Best Season Ending Overall:  Season: Five

What happened: Jon is assassinated.  

Hot Take:  It doesn’t matter what else was going on at the time.  Jon Snow…lying IN THE SNOW was all people cared about.  This was the biggest water cooler conversation the show produced…even including Ned losing his head.  It told you how big of a star Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow had become.