March 26, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “I’m Just A Girl Who Can’t Say D’oh”

In which Marge directs a big musical.

So, I unexpectedly kinda liked the Simpsons episodes of the last two weeks. Does that trend continue?


I mean, this was such a nothing of an episode.  There’s a subplot about Homer taking Maggie to some sort of daddy-daughter lesson thing because the woman leading it is attractive, but that ends when she goes off to marry one of the other dads, but Homer realizes Maggie was enjoying it anyway, so that happened.

But most of it dealt with Marge taking over the town musical when the cast has finally had enough of director LLewellyn Sinclair’s pushiness, and they brought Jon Lovitz back for this?  Point is, instead of doing Oklahoma! which is not a very deep show if I do say so myself, Marge takes over as director and decides to do something new.  Lisa then writes a Hamiltoninspired musical based off the life of Jebediah Springfield with Sideshow Mel in the lead.  Krusty hears about this and decides he needs more relevance and negotiates with Marge to put it on TV as a live show despite the fact no one has seen it, and they’re going to do it outdoors to save money on lighting.

Now, there was a bit I sorta liked in that Chief Wiggum realized he had a real gun instead of a prop gun, and that showed Lou was having a standoff with a gun that didn’t shoot a damn thing.  What amused me?  Lou was having a standoff with the Hell’s Satans.

When the thing that amuses me the most if an Easter Egg, you know there’s a problem.

And the problem is so much of this episode feels inconsequential.  It’s like nothing really matters.  Will Marge take credit for Lisa’s show?  Well, maybe, but Lisa never complains about it.  Will there be problems?  Yes.  Mel quits to do something else, but then it turns out Professor Frink has a marvelous singing voice, mostly because it’s guest star Josh Grobin’s.  Heck, another guest star in the form of John Lithgow as himself is playing the bear in the play because he just likes to work.  But then the outdoor thing becomes a problem when it starts to rain and eventually flood, but the show still happens and Marge even wins a theater award for best newcomer.

And I didn’t care, like, at all.

There seems to only be two episodes left this season.  How about one them be watchable?  Is that too much to ask?

Then again, I could quit these reviews.


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