July 22, 2024

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Orphan Black “Guillotines Decide”

Season Five, Episode Eight.

Of course you realize that meant war.

So, some things you can’t take back.  This looks like an episode for the characters to maybe relax a little.  Felix comes home, and he has an art show, and Mrs. S insists all the clones go see it, even if Sarah really wants to know who the mystery contact is inside of Dyad.  S won’t say who it is.  Delphine knows, but none of the clones do.

Well, Rachel does since S sends the contact to stop Rachel from bleeding to death in Dyad, and that would be Ferdinand.


Yeah, and S needs Rachel to give over some information to tell the public just what Dyad is up to, the sort of stuff that won’t sit well with anyone who isn’t part of the 1%.  Rachel tells Ferdinand she’d rather use the information to blackmail the Dyad board so the two of them could be rich, and she sends Ferdinand off with the info on a flash drive to prove her point.

Except she didn’t.  She lied to Ferdinand and for once listened to her better angels and gave it to S.  I didn’t know Rachel even had better angels.  Goes to show what I know.

Anyway, the art show goes well.  Just about everyone shows up, with Donnie tending bar, Art taking a look at a portrait of Beth, and Alison, Cosima, and Sarah pretending to all be the same person for the sake of performance art.  Heck, Felix’s coroner love interest shows up.  But we’ve only got two episodes left, and it can’t be this easy.

And it isn’t.  Out at the convent, Gracie tells Helena some lies, but then when she calls Mark on a cell phone, she says she didn’t find Helena after all.  Mark needs Gracie to bring in Helena to save his own life, but Gracie has a flash of conscience, and that might have worked if Helena wasn’t smarter than that and found the phone.  And knowing Coady is involved also means the call could be traced. And since Helena is something like nine months pregnant, she can’t fight back the way she normally would.  Engers shows up, captures Helena, and then murders Gracie.


And the Ferdinand finds out he’s been duped, manages to get away from Dyad, and tries to strangle Rachel.  While he can’t quite bring himself to kill her, he sure as hell can kill Mrs. S.  And he does, but it’s a slow bleed out, so S manages to take him with her.  She was quite the bad ass, and now she’s dead.

And you just know Sarah will be royally pissed when she finds out.