December 11, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Mind Of Evil Part 2”

The Third Doctor. "The Mind of Evil," Episode Two.

Will the Doctor die of burns without actually being on fire?

Um, no.  No, he won’t.

Mostly because Jo comes in and snaps him out of the weird state he was in.  He says he saw fire, and lots of it.  But, she notes, there’s no fire in that room.

As it is, the Brigadier has called to see if the Doctor can help him out with something, so he agrees to return to UNIT HQ and leaves Jo behind at the prison.  There’s some more weird stuff going on.  For one, Sergeant Benton was asked to follow that Chinese delegate Captain Lee, but she stops to stare at him…and that Keller Machine seems to channel through her somehow to give the reoccurring character a debilitating headache, allowing her to get away and to give Benton a dressing down from the Brigadier.

And the Doctor…agrees to help the Brigadier when the officer needs to go talk to the Chinese delegation about security stuff.  That leads to an interesting scene where the Doctor and the Chinese ambassador get along very well because not only does the Doctor know Chinese, he also knows Chairman Mao.

Wait, what?!?

Point is, the Brigadier doesn’t get any questions answered, and the Doctor gets invited to dinner.

But there is another problem.  A guy in an obvious plastic mask is bugging the phones to find out more about that missile transfer.  And who is this guy in the mask?  It’s the Master!  And he’s using his mind whammy powers on Captain Lee, getting her to invite a member of the American delegation to the Chinese embassy, and there she uses the headache powers on again on that guy just as the episode ends.

Oh, and Jo is stuck in the prison when the prisoners all get loose and riot.  Oops.