Comic Review: DC Rebirth Superman Reborn

DC Rebirth did something interesting with Superman.  The New 52 version of the character, as well as the New 52 version of Lois Lane, had both died, so the thing to do was return the previous Superman with his own Lois (who was also his wife) and a young son, Jon “Superboy” Kent.

But there was also another Clark Kent hanging around for some reason.  The final mystery of that Clark was settled in the crossover storyline Superman Reborn.

Much of this storyline was originally in the Dan Jurgens-written Action Comics, so most of the issues reprinted in this volume came from that series.  That’s fine.  The story was more or less clearly Jurgens’.  As it is, the other Clark is a familiar, longtime Superman-related character.  I’d rather not say who since most of the story deals with that character’s reaction to Superman’s actions or inactions, but there are some moments where Lois Lane takes it upon herself to try to crack this mystery herself, finding a man who seems more like a vague imitation of what someone else thinks Clark Kent is like.  And then there are some other odd hints that say whatever the other Clark is, he isn’t human as previously believed.  And with the power at this Clark’s disposal, it could make things really bad for the entire Kent family, particularly Jon since, in the mind of this other Clark, Jon maybe shouldn’t exist.

The story itself was fine, and it did do a good job with the returning Superman character, including a bonus story written by Paul Dini.  The plot works, but the problem is, as is usually the case with Jurgens for me, his dialogue seems a little flat.  That’s made a bit worse with a few issues written by Peter J. Tomasi who has a better way with capturing how people talk.  On the plus side, the artwork from the likes of Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke is great and fits the story very well.  The ending sets up a new status quo that more or less settles the New 52 Superman continuity, but the story as a whole does seem a little skippable.  7.5 out of 10 mystery jailers.

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