June 22, 2024

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Slippery Slope Part One”

Season Three, Episode One.

Well, here we are on April Fool’s Day, so why not start the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events?

I mean, there is no good reason why not, so here we are.

And, more importantly, here is where Violet and Klaus are shooting down a steep mountain in the back of a trailer while Sunny is held by Count Olaf and his gang.  And sure, Violet and Klaus figure out how to stop the thing before it flies off a cliff, but there are some new problems.

For one, we do have a new ally in the form of an obviously pregnant Kit Snicket (Allison Williams), Lemony’s brave sister, and she has the sugar bowl, an item that is important…for some reason.  She’s fleeing from a weird couple played by Richard E. Grant and Beth Grant.  And I looked it up.  Those two actors do not seem to be related.  They are the Man With a Beard and No Hair and a Woman With Hair and No Beard.  Let’s just call them the Man and the Woman for now.  They manage to chase Kit off a cliff, but she manages to dive to safety through a hole in some ice.

And she seems to lose the bowl underneath the frozen river.

But then we have some complications both for Violet and Klaus on one side and with Olaf on the other.  Violet and Klaus find themselves trying to stay warm and safe from some ice gnats, only to find a cave.  And in that cave are some scouts led by…a really obnoxious girl who immediately calls the Baudelaires by the baffling insult of “cakesniffers”.

Yeah, Carmelita Spats is back.  As it is, the Baudelaires know someone survived the fire, and then when someone they suspect to be one of the Quagmires in a beekeeper’s mask offers to take them to the nearby V.F.D. headquarters for some answers, they accept and go up to see which of their parents survived the fire and maybe finally get some answers.

But as for Olaf, well, his crew seem to be softening a bit, particularly the hook-handed man, by simply spending time with Sunny.  And can I say, nice job of using the same actress as Sunny, and she’s old enough now to say her own lines, so that’s cool.  And sure, the circus freaks are seeing life with Olaf rather sucks, but they don’t have to worry about that too much as the Man and Woman show up and kill them off-screen somewhere.

And it turns out, this pair were Olaf’s mentors once upon a time.

And they burned down the V.F.D. headquarters before they came to Olaf’s camp.  Even the hot tub, which was difficult, and especially the library, so no answers for the Baudelaires.

Though they do discover the person who survived the fire was not one of their parents but the missing Quagmire triplet.  He was the one guiding them to the HQ.

And as for Kit, she found some unexpected help in the woods in the form of…the generally useless Mr. Poe.

But he seems like he may be less useless now.

Emphasis on may.