December 1, 2022

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Vikings “The Most Terrible Thing”

Season Five, Episode Seventeen.

Well, this should be a short one.

Why?  Because so much happens in this episode in storylines that are either dull or have seemed disconnected from the rest of the plot.

Like, anything with Alfred is dull.  I don’t think anyone watches Vikings for what the English kings are up to, and yet, we see him react to learning his brother is dead, how his brother died, and Judith telling him to stop being such a big baby.  And…I don’t care.

We do see later that Ubbe basically gets to lead Alfred’s army to stop a giant invading Danish fleet, but that’s for later.  Also, Torvi has some habits when it comes to truth telling.  Has Torvi ever had a badass line before?  I don’t think so.  You’d think being played by the daughter of the series’ creator/head writer would have gotten her more badass lines.

And then a good chunk of the episode involves That Asshole Floki’s Asshole Island Colony.  Now, as much as I have a mean nickname for the character, Floki’s general madness and insanity actually makes him an interesting character, but everything happening on Asshole Island feels like it belongs on another show, and I can’t quite keep track of who all these other guys are even as they start killing themselves and each other.  That’s not on Floki.  That’s on the same guy who took four seasons and another seventeen episodes to give his own daughter a badass line.

So, we’re left with Harald and Bjorn maybe forming an alliance while competing for the affections of the same woman, Ivar going full fascist, and Ivar realizing what the rest of us already know that Hvitserk doesn’t really do anything and sending him on a diplomatic mission.

See?  Not much.

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