July 19, 2024

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Orphan Black “Gag Or Throttle”

Season Five, Episode Seven.

OK, so, I was not expecting that.

And I don’t mean the Alison subplot for this episode.  I generally like Alison subplots, but this one didn’t seem to add to anything at all, so I won’t be saying any more than that.

So, the thing I was not expecting was Rachel pulling a heal turn.    I mean, yeah, the show was hinting at it, but to see it actually happen, and a full episode after Mrs. S said something about Rachel needing to, well…yeah, I shouldn’t be too surprised given how many episodes are left in the entire series.

But why?  Well, Neolution claimed Kira, and they aren’t going to send her back because Westmorland, or more accurately “Westmorland,” wants the girl’s eggs so he can live longer.  Sarah and Mrs. S are at their wits’ end, and the only possible hope is Cosima came back with news that Westmorland is a fraud.  See, quotation marks for a reason.

But that won’t be enough.  Instead, we’re relying on Rachel doing the right thing.  And as Rachel is summoned to the Island to chat with Westmorland, she has a flashback to Dr. Leekie (who was much friendlier to young Rachel), visits Susan’s and Ira’s graves, and have an unexpected series of medical tests.

Those remind Rachel of how much she was experimented on as a kid.

Oh, and she found out her artificial eye has a camera on it so Westmorland can see everything she sees.  The poor woman has no privacy.

And between that and Kira’s fear, Rachel…does the right thing.

No, really.

Sure, it looks like she is ignoring Sarah’s news, but in reality, she does something else.

She puts on an eyepatch, alerts Art that Neolution is going to raid Mrs. S’s house, and slips Kira to Sarah and Mrs. S, ignoring Westmorland’s calls.  Then she sends the evidence of Westmorland’s fraud to the rest of the Neolution board and gouges her fake eye out.

You know, Rachel may be the evil clone, but no one ever said she wasn’t hardcore.

So, problem solved, right?

Nope.  Coady had Mark, the last surviving Castor clone, captured, and the only thing he has to offer in order to get himself and his wife Gracie out of trouble is Helena’s location…and Gracie just walked into Helena’s room.