April 21, 2024

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True Detective “The Big Never”

Season Three, Episode Three.

You know, despite the mystery, I think there’s something here that has less to do with finding the missing kids and more to do with something else.

That something else would be Wayne himself.  He’s…hiding something.  And he’s hidden it so well, he’s hidden it from himself in 2015, when a 70 year old Wayne is forgetting more and more, waking up on random intersections for reasons he doesn’t know, and seeing his dead wife tell him that, well, he doesn’t deserve what’s happening to him, but that doesn’t mean he can avoid it.

So, what could he be hiding?

In 1980, we see he found more clues in the woods when he and Roland started to consider the kids they interviewed before may have been lying.  That meant searching the kids’ rooms again, discovering young Will Purcell was into Dungeons and Dragons, but none of his other friends were.  In fact, they may not have been his friends.  Wayne then searches the woods and finds some missing dice and a backpack full of toys, toys Will’s parents have never seen.  Wayne also found some blood and hair of the boy’s.  And the pose he was in in that cave was a match for his First Communion photos.

Plus. when Roland and Wayne went to interview a suspect, he said that he already talked to the police, but this is news to the guys.

And some citizens beat up Brett Woodard, a probably innocent man that acts a little weird and no one seems to trust.

In 1990, we catch up with Roland.  He advanced in rank, but hasn’t seen Wayne in a while.  He’s also been keeping an eye on the much calmer, now sober Tom Purcell.  But there’s more going on there, so much so that Roland finally gets Wayne back on his team.

And in 2015, even then, Wayne seems to be learning that more and more people were interviewed by cops that Wayne seems to have been unaware of, but the description of the car hits a nerve.  So, what does Wayne know?

I guess we’ll find out.  Probably.