December 7, 2023

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Titans “Dick Grayson”

Season One Finale.

Well, here we are at the season finale that was, well, not originally meant to be one, but here we are.

Yes, apparently, this was meant to be the penultimate episode, but instead the finale became the season two premier.

So, what do we have here?  Mostly a long dream sequence, for lack of a better word, where Dick gets what is probably supposed to be his dream world where he’s married to Dove with a young son and another kid on the way.  Then Jason shows up to say Batman has gone nuts and wants to kill the Joker.  And every time it looks like Dick is about the make a decision not to get involved, something changes and drags him in deeper.  So, when Batman kills federal agent Starfire with a cold gun, Dick, well, kills Batman and is now possessed by Triton or something, much to Rachel’s dismay.

So, aside from a post-credits moment with what looks like Superboy and Krypto, what to make of the first season of Titans.  Well, the actor playing Dick isn’t very good, but there was a lot I liked about the series.  The action scenes were generally well done.  There were a lot of Easter eggs tossed into the mix for longtime DC fans, and let’s face it, who else at least in America is even going to get this service and be able to even see this show.  Heck, this was a pretty effective live-action Batman even if he was just a silent stunt man or two.

On the other hand, I found myself liking guest stars more than the main foursome.  I would have loved more Hawk, Dove, Jason, or Donna.  For a season where the main bad guy was Triton, it did seem odd that Dick had more of an arc than Rachel.  Plus, given the limitations of Beast Boy’s transformations, there were moments when what was probably the series’ low budget was showing.  I did like the show enough to continue it when it comes back, but I would hardly call it great television.

And speaking of which, I need something new for Mondays, and so, let’s finish up A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Now this one will probably be better television.  Unless it ends badly.  And not the way a show like this is supposed to end badly.  You know what I mean.