July 16, 2024

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Orphan Black “Ease for Idle Millionaires”

Season Five, Episode Five.

We’re about halfway through the final season.  I think Cosima basically deserves a whole episode for herself.

To be fair, there are other things going on, such as a subplot where Sarah and Kira bond as Sarah finally decides to tell her increasingly cranky daughter what’s going on.  It was nice,

But this episode takes place almost entirely on the island, and that’s where Cosima is, and so she gets the most screentime.  I’m pretty good with this.  Cosima is tied with Alison as my favorite character on the series, but I have to admit she gets a lot of crap storylines.  If she isn’t just doing the Clone Club’s science, she’s either dying or her love life with Delphine is a mess.  True, the love life with Delphine thing comes up in this episode again, but we only have a few episodes left, so it looks like they finally solve those problems.  Basically, this whole episode shows Cosima being smart in ways that have little to do with science.

How?  Well, she knows the island’s bear isn’t a bear, and while some new characters hunt for Westmorland’s original genetic subject, she’s invited to dinner at Westmorland’s house with Delphine, Susan, Ira, the old man, and…Rachel.  You know, after she stabbed her mother.  Awkward…

Cosima does get told to dress formally for dinner, but she does defy orders a little by choosing men’s wear.  And then Delphine spills the beans about some of Cosima’s secret research before Westmorland gives Delphine permission to go to Switzerland.

Is Cosima mad?  Yes, but Delphine does admit she only did it to get to Switzerland…where she’ll hook up with Felix and Adele as they investigate Neolution’s finances.  That’s why Delphine went to see Mrs. S.  And…that works.  They make up.  Delphine leaves, and Cosima eventually finds the “bear” back in his former cell in the basement.  And while Westmorland is looking to kill it, Cosima instead shows love and compassion.

Westmorland shoots the guy anyway.

Oh, and since Cosima basically figured out all the science being discussed doesn’t quite work out, then the whole Neolution thing isn’t about making things better for all of humanity so much as keeping the 170 year old Westmorland alive.

Or, more accurately, keeping the guy who is pretending to be Westmorland who isn’t quite that old alive.

He opts to lock her in the basement.

So, this is a big improvement on Cosima’s standard storylines even if she’s not in a good place.

At least she isn’t dying.