April 17, 2024

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Doctor Who “Inferno Part 2”

The Third Doctor. "Inferno," Episode Two.

So, what’s worse?  Some grey-green werewolves that used to be people or a scientist who decided to toss all safety precautions in favor of something that may not even be a good idea?

I mean, sure, the werewolf guy that cornered the Doctor, the Brigadier, and a few others looks to be the most immediate threat, but there’s a UNIT guy there with a loaded rifle who does manage to shoot the monster man without getting too roughed up.

And these monster men are…hot.  They burn things through simple contact.  Plus, they’re contagious.  Sure, the first one seems to have been killed, but the UNIT soldier and a technician were also infected in the process.

Now, that sounds bad, even as the Doctor scares the soldier wolf off a high catwalk, but the real problem may be Professor Stahlman.  He just really wants to drill down through the Earth’s crust despite the fact his numbers don’t add up right.

The computer doesn’t back him up, so he pulls a diode and eventually smashes it.  The Doctor catches him first, and though the Brigadier would normally help the Doctor out, he can’t without evidence.

The Doctor also doesn’t back up Stahlman’s numbers, but he can just be told he can’t use any of the center’s nuclear power to finish his own experiments.

So, the Doctor does the dishonest thing and neglects to tell Liz all this, and once she leaves on an errand for him, he fiddles with his equipment again and…

Well, Liz and the Brigadier get back just in time to see the Doctor, the TARDIS console, and Bessie fade from view.  Where did they go?  I don’t know.

But Stahlman’s hands are lookin’ kinda green.