February 1, 2023

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Titans “Hank And Dawn”

Season One, Episode Nine.

Is it just me, or are the better episodes of this series the ones that introduce or feature characters that aren’t part of the main foursome that are the ostensible heroes of this show?

In other words, let’s check in on Hawk and Dove.

Actually, this was interesting.  Dawn is still recovering in a hospital from being tossed off a roof, and Hank won’t leave her side except when he’s stealing pharmaceuticals.  As such, we get a flashback origin story for the pair.  We see Hank started off as Hawk with his brother Don as Dove, a pair of nonpowered vigilantes who targeted sex offenders, particularly child molesters.  As kids, Hank had been molested by a pee wee football coach, and he protected Don from the same treatment.  Years later, the two got into a fight at a college frat party (nice touch where Hank’s letterman jacket includes the name “Kesel” after longtime Hawk and Dove writers Barbara and Karl), and Don insisted the two be expelled.  Hank was having some issues with brain injuries anyway, but we’re told Don studied martial arts in his spare time and Hank was a star football player.  Point is, taking a name inspiration from their college yearbook, the pair become Hawk and Dove.

Dawn, meanwhile, is a ballerina with her own issues.  She meets Hank first on the street and later in grief counseling as Dawn’s mother and Don are both killed in the same car accident.  And as the two bond, Dawn stays over one night on Hank’s couch (he’s a gentleman) and finds the Hawk costume, so he tells her about it…and she’s impressed.

Then she personally tracks down that coach and the two get a confession from him the hard way.

And all the while, Rachel keeps popping up in reflective surfaces asking the two for help.  Like, now.

As it is, the two sleep together after the football coach incident, and Dawn says the next day they shouldn’t have, so that explains why they were not a couple when they hung out with Dick.  And I love how this show will drop all kinds of profanity and some pretty harsh violence, but they draw the line at nudity as Hank and Dawn are pretty much covered in shadow for that moment.

So, that’s where these two came from.  Not bad as origin stories go.

And then to close out the show, Dawn wakes up and tells Hank they need to find Jason Todd because Rachel did get through to her.

Neither of them know who Jason Todd is, though.  That could be a problem.

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