April 17, 2024

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Doctor Who “Inferno Part 1”

The Third Doctor. "Inferno," Episode One.

You know, I think I’ve been looking forward to this particular serial for the seventh season of Doctor Who the most.  That’s mostly because it deals with one of the things I am something of a sucker for, namely the alternate timeline.

But nothing along those lines happens in the first episode.

Yes, we have something rather short and to the point today.  There’s an experiment involving drilling down below the Earth’s crust to harness the energies there.  UNIT is overseeing the thing, and the Doctor is hanging around, doing experiments of his own with Liz, giving the Brigadier some good-natured ribbing before reminding the Brigadier that he’s a free agent and not actually part of UNIT, and everything seems to be going well if not for two things.

The first is the project’s head, one Professor Stahlman, is something of a jackass who does nothing but complain about all the people he’s been forced to take on, including the Doctor.  Who doesn’t like the Doctor?  Only bad guys, that’s who.

Oh, and some weird green fluid is turning anyone who touches it into some kind of grey-green werewolf monster that goes around killing people.  So, a couple unsolved murders, a stuffy jackass, and an experiment on the TARDIS’s control panel while scientists dig below the Earth’s crust are all happening at one location.  I can’t imagine how it could go wrong aside from every way it could go wrong.