April 17, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Ambassadors Of Death Part 6”

The Third Doctor. "The Ambassadors of Death," Episode Six.

So, the Doctor was discovered by that big spaceship, and this whole thing connects to Mars, so there are Ice Warriors on that ship, right?


I am starting to think there’s no such thing as continuity on this show…

Wait, there isn’t.

But I can pretend!

Anyway, back to the episode…

What does the Doctor find on the ship?  Well, he finds the missing astronauts watching a sporting event on TV.  They don’t seem to realize they are still in space.  At that point, a shadowy figure on a monitor contacts the Doctor and asks what happened to the three ambassadors his people sent down to Earth.

Um, ambassadors?

Oh, someone caused an international incident.  Or an intergalactic one.  The latter works better.

Is it General Carrington?

Well, the Brigadier is getting suspicious.  See, he recalls Carrington also went to Mars.  And he knows the armed thugs his people took on were mostly petty criminals, and what armaments and explosives he’s seen so far were military grade and probably came from the space center itself.  I, for one, am glad to see a lot of smart, competent people on the show right now.

Anyway, the Doctor is told he needs to return the ambassadors or else the space ship will destroy the Earth, and the three human astronauts are being kept as oblivious hostages for the time being.  The Doctor returns to Earth, but while he’s in his own decontamination, that Reegan guy pumps some gas inside under orders to kill the Doctor.

You know, like that works on a Time Lord.

But Reegan decides on his own the Doctor is too valuable as he might be able to finish the communication device to talk to the spacesuit-wearing aliens.  And the Doctor, waking up in the same basement as Liz, seems to agree.

And then Carrington comes in to the surprise of almost nobody (sorry, Liz thinks it might be OK for about a half a second), and since he wanted the Doctor dead, he pulls out his own gun and…roll credits.