December 1, 2022

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Orphan Black “Let The Children And The Childbearers Toil”

Season Five, Episode Four.

That island where the Neolutionists live sure does have some weird stuff happening there.  That means in this episode Susan Duncan is still alive and Cosima is hunting for an island monster.

Yes, that happens.

There’s a lot of hunting going on here.  We see Kira is still being used as a pawn, and since her DNA is so unique, Westmorland tries to recruit Susan to the cause.  He’s actually successful.  It helps that she gets Ira back, but she also pushes back at the whole “Rachel is in charge of the public face” thing since Westmorland seems to have seduced Rachel away from Susan, a feat that would have been more impressive if Susan wasn’t such a cold parent.

And Cosima, meanwhile, follows a girl named Mud to see the island monster, something that looks like a man.  And there’s a good reason for that seeing as how he used to be a man.  He probably still is, only now he’s a feral man.

He certainly isn’t a bear stealing pigs as the village’s kids are told.

But who is he?  Well, Sarah and Mrs. S find that out.  See, S isn’t sitting still for getting Kira away from Dyad and Neolution, so she has a plan.  Part of it involves actually bringing Felix’s drunken sister Adele back.  Why?  Adele actually knows stuff about…embezzlement.  That’s the actual reason she was disbarred.  Not for the drinking.  Who knew?  That means sending Felix with Adele to Switzerland to look into Dyad’s and Neolution’s finances, and yes, Adele knows about the clones now.  They better hurry seeing as how Kira is testing herself for a healing factor.

But S also knows there’s a potential Dyad defector they can consult.  And she has just the plan.  First, she and Sarah have to steal an ID from a psychologist in a bar.  Then S poses as the doctor while Sarah poses as her assistant to get into the asylum where this potential defector can be found.  That means Tatiana Maslany can use her actual Canadian accent and Maria Doyle Kennedy has to drop her actual Irish accent for a scene or two.  After a brief visit to Helena at a convent, the pair gets to the asylum and even gets through to the person of interest S’s defector identified.

And it’s Dr. Coady, heavily-drugged.

With a little prodding, Coady explains Westmorland put Coady on Castor and Susan Duncan on Leda and kept them separate because Coady was…a lot less gentle than Susan and it looks like Castor is finished.  But there was an earlier subject, and that would be the feral man Cosima saw who somehow got loose from his basement holding cell in Westmorland’s house.

Westmorland is an asshole, isn’t he?

I mean, he was one of the founders of eugenics.

So, that would be that, especially as it looks like Sarah and S might have gotten caught.

But Coady managed to get Sarah’s visitor’s passcard.  Methinks she will be getting out soon.

She ought to.  There’s only six episodes left.

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