July 13, 2024

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Titans “Donna Troy”

Season One, Episode Eight.

It’s been something like two episodes, so it must be time for Dick to ditch the others and go do something on his own again.

He does that a lot.

This time, theoretically, he has a good reason to do so.  With Rachel reunited with her mother, and Kori and Gar hanging around, it does seem as if they don’t need him much anymore.  Apparently, neither does the Detroit Police Department, but that’s neither here nor there.  I tend to like Titans, but it does have more than it’s fair share of plot holes.

As such, when Angela remembers she has a house in Ohio she and Rachel can live in, that means Kori and Gar can go along for company/protection, and Dick can…go away again.

As it is, Dick goes looking for an old friend, namely one time Wonder Girl Donna Troy.  He’s tells her he quit being Robin.  She apparently gave up being Wonder Girl ages ago and now works as a photojournalist.  She has art shows.  Dick doesn’t fit in.  Why would he?  Diana came to be an ambassador of peace and Donna fits that mold.  Batman was made to punish the guilty, and that’s what Dick does even when he doesn’t want to.

So, when Donna goes off to interview a poacher and rare animal trafficker, Dick follows and beats the guys up, ruining Donna’s sting for down the road to bring down the whole operation and not just two guys.  She does fake being knocked out herself and has Dick take a photo on his phone.  That leads to Donna finding the images of the weird language from Kori’s storage locker…and unlike Google, Donna can translate it.

Basically, it’s an offshoot of Sumerian, and it’s orders for Kori to kill Rachel.

And yes, it uses the names “Starfire” and “Raven”.

Meanwhile, Kori causes more trouble when armed men come looking for her instead of Rachel, but they all get away from marshals on the train, and that leads Rachel to have a brilliant idea to use her empathic abilities to somehow fix Kori’s amnesia.

And hey, it seems to work!  Kori sees…herself in a spaceship?  And, uh, then she snaps out of it and grabs Rachel by the throat…