May 29, 2023

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Podcast Reaction: TV Edition

The Geeks talk TV.

This week on the podcast…I honestly wondered why notorious TV-hater Watson didn’t take a week off.

But he didn’t, so here we are.

Watson’s ideal talk show.

So, there was some general talk of TV and for the life of me, aside from Game of Thrones, I can’t think of any TV show I am really looking forward to.  Sure, there are plenty I cover for here, but none I am on metaphorical pins and needles waiting for.

And I don’t get RODs because I do like to watch new stuff, so rewatching isn’t something I do that often except with this one great guy I know from Canada.  Roger Ebert once said, “We are put on this planet only once, and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our minds.”  So, yeah, don’t rewatch without a happy Canadian.

So, let me pitch something.  I think there’s room for something from the MCU because the MCU is always successful.  I think maybe something about a race of people from the moon with a giant dog and maybe a bad guy played by a Game of Thrones alumni.  That sounds potentially cool, and it’s not like anything like that could have appeared at any point before.  I think people would have watched and remembered something like that.  And don’t put it on some specialty streaming service.  I’m not sold on that yet.  A major network would work out fine.

But I do remember a female member of The Boys.  They called her…the Female.  Yeah, names are not that series’ strong suit.

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