December 1, 2023

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Merlin “The Changeling”

Series Three, Episode Six.

Look, I know this series is not in any way a realistic portrayal of medieval life.  It’s opening narration comes from a freakin’ dragon.  But then I see an episode like this…

See, Uther has a friend in the form of another king, and that’s amazing enough.  You know, that Uther has friends.  Anyway, this guy has a daughter named Elena, and the two kings decide their kids need to get married, like, immediately.

The girl seems pleasant enough if not a little weird.  She’s clumsy, and when no one is looking, her lady-in-waiting serves her live frogs.

Yeah, the girl was possessed by a fairy when she was a baby.  That makes her a changeling, and her lady-in-waiting is a pixie who develops a thing for Gaius when she isn’t using her frog tongue to catch flies.

OK, so, standard Merlin plot.  Merlin and Gaius figure out what’s going on, mix up something in the lab, Merlin whips out his anti-Sidhe wand, and they save the princess.  What’s the problem here?

Well, Arthur wants to marry for love.  Uther keeps reminding him that, you know, as a king he probably can’t.

But then Elena also wants to marry for love.  And they don’t love each other.  There’s some Gwen drama tossed in for good measure, and when the two betrothed basically say they aren’t interested in each other at the altar…the wedding is called off and everyone, even Uther, is fine with that.

That, yeah, that isn’t what we might call historically accurate.

Well, at least Elena isn’t eating live frogs anymore.