December 11, 2023

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Titans “Asylum”

Season One, Episode Seven.

So, let’s say you have a dangerous prisoner who will only talk to the most naive member of your group, the one who is mostly likely to do something rash or stupid.  What do you do?

This is a TV show, so of course you let your teammate talk to the baddie.

That is what Adamson insists on, and against Dick and Kori’s better judgment, Rachel goes to talk to him anyway.  He says he and the creatively-named group he belongs to (the Organization) want Rachel to meet up with her daddy, whoever he is.  He has two things going for him to convince him to do something rash beyond knowing a few things about Rachel and how her weird powers work.  One is he slits his own throat and gets Rachel to heal him before he bleeds out.  Then he says he knows where her real mother, Abigail, is.  She’s at an abandoned insane asylum nearby.

Dick then gets out a map to look and see the place has a lot of security, and while it wouldn’t be impossible to break in and find Abigail, it would be difficult and better to do during the day when Kori is at full strength and they can sneak in a little better.  Kori agrees.

Rachel doesn’t believe that.  She and Gar go off on their own and get captured.

Then Dick and Kori get captured when they follow.  It’s still night, so bad things happen.

Gar is locked in a cage where the doctors try to force him to transform.

Kori is tricked into letting all her power out, then strapped down to a table for medical experiments without anesthetic.  Minor good news:  she has some regenerative abilities.

Dick is put through all kinds of drug-induced mental torture, seeing himself in his Robin costume, being taunted by his younger self, and so forth.

Rachel…gets to have a nice cup of tea with Adamson and the promise to let the others go if she just summons her father.

Instead, she takes back the throat healing.

Then she finds her mom, who took some convincing but comes around on believing Rachel is Rachel.

Then she finds Gar who ends up mauling a doctor to death, so I guess all the Titans have used lethal force by now.

Dick is next.  He snaps out of it.

And finally, they get Kori out.

Dick does go nuts on a hallway full of guys before asking Kori to use whatever power she has left to blow up the asylum.  She agrees, and I really hope that place was deserted as promised.

So, as the asylum and Dick’s Robin suit burn, well, they go somewhere else.  I don’t know where just yet.  That’s where the episode ended.