February 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “Doctor Who And The Silurians Part 2”

The Third Doctor. "Doctor Who and the Silurians," Episode Two.

So, do we get to see a Silurian this time?

Well, kind of.

I mean, from a distance, and a part here or there.  Even a few POV shots.  But no full looks.  Not yet.

In the meantime, was the Doctor eaten by that dinosaur?

No.  Don’t be silly.

Some whistle calls the thing away.  The Doctor follows a bit, finds some tracks, and goes back to find the Brigadier planning a search party for him.

But, if you got a bunch of armed guys, ropes, and helmet lamps, why not go check again?  Sure, the Doctor isn’t happy about the whole “let’s shoot some things” plan since he thinks there’s more going on than what everyone knows so far.

And he might be onto something involving the mysteriously missing Dr. Quinn (not a medicine man).

But that comes after the Doctor, the Brigadier, and not Liz (she ain’t pleased) go looking, one soldier wanders off, sees a small figure off in a dark tunnel, fires a few shots, and then gets attacked by the dinosaur.  Again, a whistling makes the monster leave the wounded soldier with the now useless and bent rifle for the Doctor and the Brigadier to find.  Now the Brigadier believes there’s a monster, and the Doctor starts to think there are two creatures in the tunnels:  the big dinosaur thing, and a smaller, intelligent species that may be controlling the larger one.

And then we see Dr. Quinn, in another tunnel, talking to an unseen individual who, it seems, shared some technology with Quinn to do whatever it is Quinn is doing.  And that voice says one of its number was wounded, so no more science until the wounded fellow is found.

Where did that guy go?  He is the one the soldier shot, and he got above ground and hid in a barn, scaring the crap out of the farmer and later the farmer’s wife when they found him.  The farmer died, and he did have some scratches, but the Doctor theorized he died of fear from seeing…something.  And then the farmer’s wife says the creature never left the barn.

And that’s where Liz is.