April 17, 2024

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Orphan Black “The Few Who Dare”

Season Five, Episode One.

Here we are at the final season of Orphan Black, and truly season four ended with many of the characters in a really bad place.

Let’s see if it can be made worse!

Oh man, can it get worse!

Sarah ended last season knowing Mrs. S and Kira were held hostage by Rachel’s people, a stab wound in her leg, and lost on an island owned by Neolution,  She does manage to get a phone call off to Felix and Ira to find out a little more about where she is, fends off some sort of wild something, and even manages to get into the town of Revival, Neolution’s settlement on the island run by the mysterious Dr. P.T. Westmorland.  Good news:  she does find Cosima, and while Rachel took most of the cure for the clones, Cosima has enough to treat herself.  And Delphine is also there, though Delphine is being transferred to somewhere else to continue the work.

Now, Cosima does get some good news in that while Rachel seems to be ratcheting up the “world domination” sort of stuff, she actually does give Cosima the cure because Neolution apparently does have a need for Cosima.

Bad news continues for Art.  His new partner, Detective Engers, has a case:  bring in the Hendrixes because Art can’t have a partner that isn’t in some way connected to Neolution.  And they do arrest Alison in her campground in the woods while Helena is away.  And while the Neolution heavies won’t hurt Alison, they have no problem with threatening Art to get Alison to help.

Donnie?  He got away, and the one guy who found him was jumped by a surprisingly deadly-while-heavily-pregnant Helena.  And things get bad for Helena because she gets an arrow to her pregnant belly, plus she knows Neolution will want Helena’s babies just as much as they want Kira.

And while Scott thinks they can somehow lead a rescue mission to the island without having anyone physically capable of even getting to the island let alone successfully raiding it, Felix is also confronted by a Neolution agent.  So, Sarah is running out of allies.

Like how Cosima opts to stay on the island.

And then Sarah gets hit with a tranq dart just as she found the boat to take off.  And there’s Rachel, the clone with the superiority complex who already hates Sarah as it is…

See?  Worse for everyone.