April 12, 2024

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American Horror Story “Protect The Coven”

Coven. Episode Eleven.

I am pretty sure this episode could have just as easily gone for a series called A Series Of Bad Decisions.

So, who made bad decisions?

Delphine.  Starting back in 1830, she’s been a serial killer who liked spilling blood.  First, she kidnaps and mutilates a gardener at Miss Robichaux’s School for Gifted Youngsters, a place where young witches come to learn despite the fact I don’t think I’ve seen a single one of them take a class all season.  So, yeah, no one misses him?  I would like to think at least Cordelia cares about the staff.

Marie makes some bad choices by continuing to abuse Delphine.  Sure, Delphine deserves it, but that just means Spalding’s ghost can tell Delphine he can give her the secret of Marie’s immortality.  Sure, she has to swipe the house silver to buy Spalding an expensive antique doll,  But she has a plan.

But the next bad decision was believing Sudafed was Marie’s weakness.

Both make bad decisions as Delphine tries an antihistamine and Marie doesn’t look where she’s going when Spalding knocks her out.

But those two aren’t the only ones makes bad decisions.  Queenie made a bad decision to stitch and then go back to the house, but that’s kinda mild.  Madison makes some poor choices by threatening Zoe, Kyle, and Myrtle for when she becomes the new Supreme (raise your hand if you actually care who the new Supreme ends up being).

But the worst decisions go to the witchhunters who opt to meet with Fiona and Marie to call a truce and get their company back on track.  Why did anyone think that was a good idea?  Yes, the witches make insulting opening offers, and then they offer death.  Why?  Because the Axeman is the lone waiter in the room, and he easily dispatches most of the witchhunters.  He leaves the top guy, Hank’s dad, for Fiona, and that guy at least goes out in a classy manner.

Another bad decision:  killing all these guys in a gory manner in what is presumably a public place.

Did anyone make a good decision?  Yes.  Kyle and Zoe take some bus tickets from Myrtle and at least try to get out of town.  I’m sure something will drag them back, but for now, smart move, kids.