June 22, 2024

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Titans “Together”

Season One, Episode Five.

Well, the gang’s all together now.  Will they gel?

Look at the episode title.  What do you think?

OK, so, two things happen with two groups.  For the youngsters who all just met, Dick trades in his Porsche for a mini-van, checks them into a motel, and then has them show off their powers to see what everyone can do.  Kori can shoot off hot blasts of energy, but she gets weaker at night.  Gar can turn into a tiger, but he has to be naked to do it without ruining his clothes, Rachel can do something with a cloud of darkness that comes out of her mouth, and Dick says he can keep them alive when asked what he can do.

Dick and Kori have sex later for some reason.  Yeah, I don’t get why either.

But the other group would be the Nuclear Family, with a new Nuclear Stepdad, find the young team of I guess Titans by first beating up the guy Dick sold his car to.  And yeah, this time the fight is more even-handed.  Dick fights off the parents with the case he carries his suit in before getting knocked out a window, Kori does her best with the kids despite it being nighttime, and the drugs those four shoot themselves up with do make them formidable, but then Dick changes clothes and comes back as Robin, Gar does the tiger thing, Rachels shoots the cloud out, and the Titans are born!  Or something.  They subdue the Nuclear Family.

Rachel and Gar are kinda psyched to be working with Robin.  And no, they can’t meet Batman.

So, yeah, that means Dick can look for who sent them, and that’s some old dude named Dr. Adamson.  Dick goes there alone, and the guy…offers him an omelet.  Why?  He says someone is coming to kill him.

And at that moment, implants make the Nuclear Family’s heads explode.  Kori thinks she’s gong to be blamed for that.

Now, Dick is good in a fight, so when a swarm of armed goons show up to kill him and Adamson, he holds his own for a second or two before being overwhelmed by numbers…until someone pops some smoke bombs and comes in and saves his ass.

Who is it?  Some kid.  Says he’s the new Robin.

You know, the next episode is titled “Jason Todd”.