December 5, 2023

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YouTube Selection: Nerdwriter Looks At How Film Grain Works In A Movie

YouTube essayist Nerdwriter has something to say about the use of film grain in the movie Mandy.

I haven’t put up a Nerdwriter video in this feature for a while.

I really dug the weirdness that was Mandy.

Let’s see what Nerdwriter has to say about Mandy.

More specifically, Nerdwriter looks at how one element of the movie–the film grain–affects the look and feel of Mandy, film in general, and the way people view the world in a digital age.  It’s an interesting look into nostalgia for things people didn’t know they had until they were gone.  See for yourself, but as with all Nerdwriter videos, it does end with a commercial and does have spoilers for Mandy.