July 21, 2024

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Orphan Black “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths”

Season Four Finale.

Well, this is the season four finale, there’s one more season to go, but you know starting this that nothing is going to end well for most of our protagonists.

Arguably, it goes better for some than others.  Donnie and Alison are OK living in Helena’s homemade place in the woods, and Alison is filled with righteous fire…plus, she has a gun.  So, yeah, that’s safe for this show.

And hey, Krystal seems to be OK.  Sure, she only knows about half of what’s going on, and she did see Delphine get taken away after Duko shot her, but then she sees the old guy who grabbed Delphine and addresses Krystal by name on TV as a Neolution spokesman, so she contacts Felix who opts to finally introduce Krystal to Sarah and tell the hairdresser about the whole “you’re a clone” thing…and that doesn’t work because Krystal says Sarah looks nothing like her.

That does mean Sarah masquerades as Krystal at one point to get the old man who turns out to be Evie’s doctor.  That gives Sarah information on where Cosima and Rachel both are.

It doesn’t end well for Evie, either.   The doc punctures her worm thing and she dies.

It is working for Rachel.  Cosima and Susan finally figured out a cure.  Cosima thinks that means cures for everybody.  Susan thinks that means cloning is back on.  Rachel thinks neither as she wants to keep the cure and then combine Evie and Susan’s ideas into something far more aggressive than Neolution has ever done, and the other old guy she keeps seeing in her faulty eye kinda suggests Rachel do something about Susan.

And here’s where it starts to go bad.

Cosima and Charlotte make a run for it after seeing Rachel stab Susan many times in the kitchen.  Susan had said she kept the wrong clone or something along those lines.  Cosima is dying (again).  Charlotte can’t walk very fast.  Charlotte does know of a village elsewhere on the island, but they shouldn’t go there.

They may go there anyway.  The two stop to rest.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  And then those folks show up, including Rachel’s old man from the visions, and take the two to their camp.  And Delphine is there, so Cosima may live.

Less certain is Sarah.  She finds a bleeding Susan and stops to help the older woman, missing Rachel coming in to bash to hell out of her.  Sarah gets a knife to the leg but manages to likewise limp out in the dark, making a call to Mrs. S.

And Mrs. S and Kira have been captured by Ferdinand, a guy who will even work for Neolution if Rachel asks him to.

See?  It ended badly for a lot of people.