July 23, 2024

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Doctor Who “The War Games Part 9”

The Second Doctor. "The War Games," Episode Nine.

OK, so, did the Doctor betray Zoe, Jamie, and the Rebels?

No, of course not.  The War Lord was going to hit the rebels with a neutron bomb.  The Doctor called them into a trap to save their lives.

And it turns out, the Doctor isn’t completely stupid.  OK, no one ever thought that, but you can see my point.  The Doctor knows the War Chief wants something from him.  And it’s true.  The Doctor asks a couple questions about the War Chief’s time machines, and yeah, there’s something up.  See, time machines eventually wear out, and when you kidnap thousands upon thousands of soldiers from across time and space, well, the War Chief needs more power.

See, he doesn’t want the Doctor.  He wants the TARDIS.

Meanwhile, the rebels all think the Doctor is a traitor.  The War Lord decides to hang around, and the security chief, who already thinks the War Chief and the Doctor are working together, decides to send the Doctor to reprogram the rebels…without any guards, and sure enough, the rebels try to kill the Doctor.

Fortunately, the War Chief realized that was happening, and unlike the War Chief, the Doctor actually paid attention to how the brainwashing machines worked, so he’s sent to go work the machines on the prisoners, starting with Jamie.

And that’s a stupid plan.  Because the Doctor knows how the machine works, so he knows how to only pretend to reprogram everyone, and Jamie, Zoe, and most of the rebels figure that out.  Sure, the Mexican racist bandit stereotype doesn’t, but he’s the last one, and there are enough rebels to subdue the guards, even when the War Chief comes back with two more.

But it turns out the War Chief was a prisoner himself.  The security chief got the two Time Lords talking to each other on tape.  But to keep himself alive, the War Chief leads the rebels to the control room where he personally kills the security chief and calls off all the fighting.

Problem:  the War Chief’s time machines are almost done.  There isn’t enough juice to take all the soldiers home.  The Doctor has to go for the last resort, the one thing that can take all the soldiers home.  He doesn’t want to do it.  The War Chief really doesn’t want him to do it.  He even makes a run for it.

Then he runs into the War Lord and gets himself killed because the security chief wasn’t the only guy who listened to the taped conversation.

Ah, but the Doctor and the rebels manage to subdue the War Lord and the last of his guards.  And then the Doctor does the one thing he didn’t want to do.

He calls the Time Lords.

Yes, those guys can fix everything, but the Doctor doesn’t want to see them.  He makes a run for it, Zoe and Jamie and Carstairs following back to the 1917 zone.  Carstairs wants to see if he can find Lady Jennifer again.  Aw….

And then, after the time travelers spot the TARDIS, Carstairs just fades from view.  The Time Lords sent him home.

And then time slows down as the Doctor and his companions race for the TARDIS.  The Time Lords really want to see the Doctor…