June 12, 2024

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Merlin “The Tears Of Uther Pendragon Part 2”

Series Three, Episode Two.

So, no one seems to realize Morgana is evil now.

I mean, she’s really evil.  Sure, Merlin is able to get over that giant scorpion venom and gets a flight back to Camelot with the Great Cartoon Dragon, but that doesn’t mean much when Morgana just wanders around the castle and does whatever she wants to.  And yeah, I get wanting to kill Uther.  He’s being haunted by the children he killed.  He’s a bad dude.  I don’t feel the slightest bit of sympathy for a character where the nicest thing I can call him is “tool”.  Because he killed children.  For reals.

But Morgana wants to take it out on all of Camelot.  And that means when Merlin and Gaius, the only other person who knows Morgana’s true colors, manage to destroy the mandrake root giving Uther all those evil visions, she can go see Morgause, get some kind of staff, and take it back into the castle in time for a massive attack from a competing kingdom.  Arthur looks really king-like to just about everybody since Uther is in no position to lead, and considering the battle was probably filmed with about twelve guys, the CGI is somewhat effective.

Then Morgana wakes up the skeletons in the crypt with that staff to attack everyone from inside the castle.  And Merlin tries really hard to reason with her.

Two things about Merlin’s attempts jump out to me.  1.  Morgana still doesn’t know Merlin also has magic, so all the stuff she says about being an outsider also applies to him, and 2. Merlin assumes Morgana could use her magic for good instead of evil and that would somehow make things better for magic users in Camelot.  So, Morgana is still in the dark, and Merlin is still so dumb as to think that would work with Uther.

As it is, Merlin does destroy the staff with a sword, the skeletons falls over, the Knights of Camelot rally and push the enemy army out, Morgause and her ally ride off, and Morgana…is honored as a hero because Uther would never think a bad thing about the young woman who shouted into his face how she was disowning him and as such Uther assumed Morgana broke the staff.

This show has a really goofy charm, but damn, these people can be pretty dumb.