July 16, 2024

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Orphan Black “The Mitigation of Competition”

Season Four, Episode Nine.

A thought occurred to me as I watched this episode:  the evil clone is not surprising, but considering where some of these characters started, Orphan Black is really saying something about who really is evil.

Yeah, look, Rachel is obviously the evil clone.  Or even the Evil Clone.  But consider if you will..Sarah started this series as a con artist, a thief, and someone who had no problem transporting drugs and cleaning out someone else’s savings account.  Or Helena, who was something of a religious fanatic and an unstoppable killing machine.  Now, at this point, and both of these clone sisters return for this episode, we see them still using those skills, but they also have personal codes and limits for themselves, like how Helena protects children and others she sees as innocents.

As for Sarah, well…

See, Sarah and Rachel meet and come to an agreement.  Since these two can barely tolerate each other at best, they know they need to somehow bring Evie down and must work together to do it.  Rachel knows of two Brightborn clients, one who recently gave birth and one who is in a late pregnancy stage, who can help.  Sarah just has to find them, and she absolutely will not use Rachel’s contacts.    Sure, Rachel has Sarah’s phone number, but Sarah’s contacts are basically down to Art right now.

Art is enough.

They find the first, the pregnant one, and she’s dead.  Looks like a suicide, but the dead girl’s friend called it in, and there are a lot of cops, so Art can slip in easily enough, and he seems to think there are some defensive wounds under the dead girl’s nails.

And yes, the investigating detective also works for Neolution.  Evie sends her people out.

As it turns out, the younger contact had met Sarah and Beth and Sarah-as-Beth got some more information that allowed Sarah and Art to find the other woman.  Her baby was born blind, she’s scared, and she knows Brightborn is looking for her.  Why?  The two young women got some footage of Brightborn euthanizing a deformed baby and made a run for it.

So, here’s the evil:  Rachel wants to blackmail the living girl into coming with Sarah. Sarah refuses to do that.  As it is, Rachel has Ira on standby and he will do it once Rachel calls into the scared girl, and that works out fine.  It helps that Art and Sarah are distracted by Neolution goons breaking in.  Art does get the drop on them, and one of them is half of the evil paramedic team.

Where was the other half?  Breaking into the Hendrix house, threatening Alison with a cheek implant worm after tying up recently released from prison Donnie.  That would be when Helena shows up, visibly pregnant, to show off her archery skills.  So, even when she’s basically reduced to a slow waddle, she’s still the most dangerous character on the show.

OK, but back to evil Rachel…she gets to see Evie just before Evie addresses the press for a big Neolution thing, shows who she has, threatens some blackmail unless Evie gives her a seat at the Neolution table, and she will, even if it means throwing Susan and the other clones under the bus.  Rachel agrees to that, even getting Evie to say something about it and that would be that…

Except Rachel taped the conversation with Evie and had Ira send both the conversation admitting to killing babies and the footage of the baby death to the press as Evie is talking to them.

So, that’s that, right?  Well, mostly.  Cosima and Susan are working together.  Cosima gets to read Dr. Westmorland’s book.  Rachel realizes the swan and an old man she’s been seeing isn’t a hallucination but a sight from the island Susan and Cosima are on.  Adele decides she’s had enough since Felix won’t explain why Sarah is one of identical triplets that each have a different accent.

Oh, and Delphine is still alive.