November 28, 2023

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Doctor Who “The War Games Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The War Games," Episode Four.

Well, our group has been split up even more, so let’s see what happens when Jamie and Lady Jennifer have to avoid Civil War soldiers and Zoe and the Doctor have to avoid…other people.

Yes, the Doctor and Zoe are onboard a ship that is bigger on the inside, like the TARDIS.  Zoe thinks that seems unlikely, but the Doctor thinks…well, he doesn’t say, but he sure does seem to think there’s something familiar and wrong judging by that look on his face.

See, they find more soldiers from different wars just…standing there.  The Doctor suspects some kind of mind control, the standby superpower of all Doctor Who villains.  And since the ship seems to be running on auto-pilot, the Doctor and Zoe opt to wait until they get to the mystery center.

Now, Jamie and Lady Jennifer, they get captured by some Union soldiers with the worst American accents I’ve ever heard, and once again, Jamie is mistaken for a spy and tied up to be executed.  Then some Confederate soldiers show up to scare the Yankees off with their slightly better Southern accents and initially untie Jamie and Lady Jennifer.  But then…hey, is that the German general from the World War I zone with his mind control monocle?  Point is, not the Rebels think Jamie and Lady Jennifer are spies that need to be executed.  But then Jamie manages to get loose and he and Lady Jennifer make a run for it, there’s some exciting stuff where Jamie dodges a guy on horseback that ends with…Jamie and Lady Jennifer tied up in that barn again.

OK, so, back to the Doctor and Zoe.  They managed to swipe some weird glasses that allow them to wander around without anyone noticing them and get shuffled into a lecture hall.  It seems the whole building is like a big university, and there is a class going on, explaining how the people in charge are taking soldiers from Earth’s different wars and time brainwashing them to think they never left.  There’s a problem because 5% of the people brought over are somehow immune or shake it off, and the guy in charge, the War Chief, spoke of a rebel group and hey, one of those guys tried to rescue Jamie and Lady Jennifer before he was captured.  The rebels can, for some reason, travel between zones.

Oh, did I mention the rebel who briefly rescued Jamie and Lady Jennifer was black?  That might be important later.  Civil War zone and all.

Anyway, what’s going on in the lecture?  Well, the lecturer is going to re-brainwash Lt. Carstairs, who briefly recognizes the Doctor and Zoe before he got zapped in the brain again, and then calls them German spies after.  That makes the lecturer a bit confused, but it does mean the Doctor can step forward and ask some questions that trick the lecturer into telling the Doctor how the machine works.  So, yeah, that will come in handy.

And then the War Chief comes in.

And he and the Doctor seem to recognize each other.

The Doctor makes a run for it, Zoe follows, and Zoe gets separated, but then she runs into Carstairs again, and Zoe forgot he got brainwashed again, and he cocks the hammer on his pistol to shoot her and…well, that’s the end of this episode.

I thought Zoe had a photographic memory…