May 24, 2022

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American Horror Story “Head”

Coven. Episode Nine.

Hey!  I think we have some primary antagonists!

But first, it’s the Secret Origin of…Hank.

Yeah.  Hank.

“Hank” doesn’t sound very ominous, does it?

Anyway, when Hank was but a boy, his father took him hunting.  Sure, he got some special ammo for his high-powered rifle, something that looks like a silver bullet, but that’s not what made Hank’s first day of hunting so disappointing for both Hank and his dad.  See, Hank couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger after his dad got the target flushed out of some bushes.

The prey was a rather pathetic-looking witch.  Sure, she started a fire when she saw he wasn’t going to shoot, burning Daddy Hank, and then the older man finished her off, but the point stands:  Hank is not good at the family business.

The family business is witch-hunting.  As we see in a scene where he goes back to see his father and one of the company’s more promising hunters (Hey!  It’s Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter!), Hank’s job is just to gather intelligence.  He isn’t trusted to make the kills.  Sure, Hank is looking to betray Marie and get both Marie’s people and Fiona’s in one fell swoop, but he isn’t trusted to do it himself, and yes, he seemed to be unaware that Cordelia would also be killed.  Did he go and stupidly develop feelings for a witch?  Looks that way.  Heck, even when he points out he killed that redhead, his dad is quick to remind him that he was clumsy and the company had to also kill two innocent hotel employees who found the body.

Not that it does his feelings do him any good.  Cordelia kicks him out of the house, Fiona got a guard dog to keep him out, and Marie is using magic torture to tell him to take out the white women or else.

So, let’s step away for a moment for the rest of the episode before we finish…the Secret Origin of Hank.

Fiona’s dog doesn’t last too long because Fiona finds Kyle stumbling around in a room and Kyle rather easily (off-screen) kills the dog.  So, Fiona fixes him some more because Fiona’s magic only works as much as the plot needs it to.

Meanwhile, Myrtle gets even on the two witches who helped Fiona kill her before and help Cordelia at the same time.  She used a potion to stop all muscle movement on the pair, then used a melon baller to take one eye from each of them, giving Cordelia two new (unmatched) eyes and chopping the other two witches into smaller pieces later.  Witches aren’t nice.

Regular eyesight restored, Cordelia lost her second sight.

Fiona had also tried to make a truce with Laveau since the witch-hunters are clearly coming to town and they could work well together, but Laveau turned it down.  Fiona took the opportunity to return Delphine’s head, and Queenie took it upon herself to teach the century+ year racist about African American art and achievement, an action that somehow moves a woman who had her own daughters tortured in her torture room to tears.  Yeah, I gotta call BS on that one.

As for Nan, she actually endears herself to Luke’s mother by communicating Luke’s words to his mama while he lies comatose.  Since Nan says stuff only Luke would know, it must be true.  But then we learn Luke can also talk to God.  Joan may be religious, but God’s not happy that she killed Luke’s father because he was getting ready to leave her.  How did she kill him?  Er, by putting a bee in his car, knowing he was allergic.

Um, that’s a bit nuts.

Point is, Nan gets tossed out, and Joan suffocates Luke with a pillow.

So, all that out of the way, and there just ain’t no crazy like American Horror Story crazy, let’s finish…the Secret Origin of Hank.

See, Laveau told Hank to kill the witches, so Hank arms up…and storms Laveau’s beauty shop, shooting and killing multiple employees.  He even gets Queenie in the stomach.  He’s got Laveau dead to rights when Queenie does the only thing she can…she puts a gun in her mouth and pulls the trigger, sending the injury to Hank, killing him.

That prompts Laveau to rethink that whole “alliance with Fiona” thing.

And Hank dies as he lived…pathetically.

But his much more competent father sure isn’t happy right now…

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