December 7, 2023

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Doctor Who “The War Games Part 2”

The Second Doctor. "The War Games," Episode Two.

So, was the Doctor shot?

Um, no.  Of course not.

No, the gunshot from the end of part one was someone else shooting one of the men in the firing squad.  In the confusion, the Doctor and Zoe manage to slip away.  The next step is to find Jamie.  He’s in a different military prison.

In fact, he has a cellmate.  Who is this guy?  Some redcoat who thinks its the 1740s.  That…can’t be right.

And he doesn’t remember how he got there either.  There was something about a weird fog…

As it is, Zoe is able to tell the Doctor that Smythe had a computer of some kind, and the Doctor has a plan to rescue Jamie.  It involves him bursting in on the prison warden’s office, loudly claiming to be a prison inspector of some kind.  There’s some wisdom to that method, you know.  Acting like you belong somewhere can often get you through all kinds of things when you don’t belong somewhere.

As it is, the Doctor learns about a new Highlander deserter prisoner and demands to see him.  As it is, Jamie and the redcoat had managed to escape on their own.  The redcoat was shot in the leg, but Jamie was brought to see the Doctor and about then the warden was starting to get suspicious and decided to call General Smythe.  He’s stopped by Zoe who finds a use for a vase full of flowers.  You know, she clocks him with it.

As it is, the Doctor’s trial has raised some suspicions, leading to Lt. Carstaits and Lady Jennifer to get involved, using her ambulance to pick up the time travelers when the group meets up at Smythe’s office.  Smythe is out, but oddly enough, Lady Jennifer and Lt. Carstairs can’t initially see the General’s mystery monitor until they are told to concentrate.  Bad news there, as it looks like the monitor turns on and maybe sees the five of them watching.  They quickly split in the ambulance, and Smythe returns and actually orders his men to shell the area the ambulance is in.  He really wants the Doctor to die for some reason.

Fortunately, the ambulance manages to avoid the shells by driving into some sort of mystery fog.

Unfortunately, the ambulance breaks down on the other side of the fog, where the air is cleaner, and Roman soliders seem to be charging the area from opposite directions.

Uh oh.