June 20, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Seeds Of Death Part 6”

The Second Doctor. "The Seeds of Death," Final Episode.

Aw man!  The Doctor is being attacked by killer foam!  That’s the worst kind of foam!

How will the Doctor escape the foam?  He’s surrounded by killer bubbles, the door to the weather control station is locked, and there’s an armed Ice Warrior listening to him bang on the door from the inside.

Ah, but Jamie and Zoe are also inside, and while Jamie distracts the Warrior and leads him on a chase through the station, Zoe can unlock the door and let the Doctor in.  Sneaking around, the two find Jamie and then run from the slow-moving Warrior, eventually hiding in an equipment room with a heavy door the Warrior tries to blast through.  And he just might if a squadron of armed guards from the T-Mat station didn’t show up to draw the Warrior away with their own ineffectual weapons.

But wait, it’s the solar equipment room!  Plenty of stuff in there can be jury-rigged into portable heat lamps, the sort of weapon that can take out an Ice Warrior, and once the Doctor has a long enough extension cord, he can do just that.

Does it seem weird that the Doctor is killing anyone?  Maybe a little?  Hold on.  He’s not done yet.

See, now that the Ice Warrior is a pile of ash, the Doctor can take a look at the weather control panel.  Sure, it was smashed, but he can call to T-Mat HQ and get some repairmen there, turn on the rain, and kill the killer foam/fungus.  That’s one problem down.  Plus, a rocket launched a satellite into orbit to throw off the homing beam to the Ice Warrior invasion fleet and send it into the sun.  The only thing left to do is take back the moon base.

The Doctor volunteers.  He configured his heat lamps to be battery-powered and portable.  He’ll go up alone, switch off the Ice Warriors’ homing beam, and that will ensure the attack fleet goes somewhere else.

That plan seems to mostly work except Slaar is up there, and he captures the Doctor.  It’s only a matter of time before the invasion fleet arrives on the moon to use the T-Mat to invade the Earth.

Except the Doctor had already shut down the homing beam, and he has no problem letting the entire invasion fleet of Ice Warriors fly into the sun.  Yes, they were on a mission of genocide, but that was still pretty violent for the Doctor.  Particularly this Doctor, who seems to hate to get his hands dirty and all that sort of thing.  But, it happened, and the Doctor may be a more complex character than he appears to be.  Truth be told, that sentence there may sum up everything there is to say about the Second Doctor.

And then Jamie beams in, wrestles with Slaar’s guard, the guard kills Slaar by accident, and the Doctor gets the heat lamp up fast enough to take out the last Warrior.  All is saved, as the rain is washing away the killer foam and the Ice Warriors are all dead.  That means the T-Mat folks can argue about whether or not they should bring back rockets, and someone suggests asking the Doctor, but it’s too late by then as he, Jamie, and Zoe have already snuck off to the TARDIS to start the Second Doctor’s final adventure.  I’ve seen the plot teases on Britbox for this last one, ten episodes in all, and it looks like a real doozy.  I can’t wait.